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Thoughts on changes in the fourth version of PMBOK [continued]

After analyzing the two adjustments made by the new PMBOK to the project management process, let's look at the overall progress and development of PMI and its project management system. This year, when the new version of PMBOK was launched, opm3 (organizational project managementmaturity model organization Project Management Maturity Model) was launched ). It is a core team composed of more than 800 project

Comparison between IBM project management methods and PMBOK

field (PM Domain) can be understood as the knowledge field of project management, which is similar to the nine knowledge fields in PMBOK. However, PMBOK is expanded in depth and breadth, in line with IBM's project management industry characteristics and company management philosophy. The project management method of IBM defines 13 fields, which are divided into 51 Sub-domains and then 150 processes ).

Analysis and Practice of PMBOK Guide

Analysis and Practice of PMBOK Guide Basic Information Original Title:Bringing the PMBOK guide to life: a companion for the practicing Project Manager Author:(US) Frank P. saladis Harold kerzner [Introduction to translators] Translator:Wu junshen Press:People's post and telecommunications Publishing House ISBN:9787115272010 Mounting time:2012-12-10 Publication date:January 2013 Start:16 Page number:1 Versio

Comparison of relationships and differences between cmme and PMBOK

Cmme has no direct relationship with PMBOK and is also a model in different fields. However, with the in-depth application of project management in various industries, in particular, the rapid development of project management in the software industry in recent years. therefore, understanding the differences and relationships between CMMI and PMBOK is also necessary to understand these process models and be

"Decomposition-normalization"-PMBOK's Problem Solving Philosophy

Looking at PMBOK, all tools, technologies, and methods used in project management are often not complex. If we show them one by one, we will often feel familiar, and even some of them are already in use. However, under the guidance of the entire PMBOK system framework, we can use many familiar tools and methods to raise the management level of our projects to a higher level. This is what makes

PMBOK Project Management Nine knowledge areas and five major processes

PMBOK Project Management Nine knowledge areas and five processes PMI Turn from: Http:// Project Management Institute. PMI is the world's largest non-profit organization and a leader in project management. PMI develops project management industry standards, leads project management research and provides project management training, certifications, and some opportunities to enhance professional skill

PMBOK Study Notes

PMBOK (project management body of knowledge) PMBOK guide divides into 44 processes that fall into 5 Process Groups. 5 process groups are: Initiating: Develop Project Charter, develop preliminary scope statement Plannig: develop project management plan, risk identification, Quality Planning, Activity Duration Estimation Executing: direct and manage project work, information distribution Monitoring cont

PMBOK Project Management PMI

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a project management professional qualification and is the United States Program Management Association (Project Management Institute,PMI) In more than 180 countries and regions in the world to promote, is the current project management area of the highest gold certification. The acquisition of PMP certificates not only enhances project manager's project management level, but also directly reflects the individual competitiveness of project managers, and i

PMBOK Project Management Awareness Overview

This year through the efforts to obtain a PMP certificate, is very happy, but also a reward for efforts to pay it!Through the study of PMP related project management knowledge, foreign project management technology has a more systematic cognition, understanding, master, familiar with the whole project life cycle management. In fact, the software project management is a lot of complexity, there are many unpredictable risks, difficult to manage and control, will also find that the domestic project

Project Management Knowledge Framework Pmbok (text version)

] (Quantitative Risk analysis) 7.5 risk response plan [P] (Risk Response planning) 7.6 risk monitoring [M] (Risk monitoring and Control) 8. Project Procurement Management (procurement) 8.1 procurement plan [P] (Plan Purchase and acquisition) Contract description (contract Statement of work) NBSp Homemade or outsourced decision (make-buy decisions) 8.2 package [P] (Plan contracting) NB Sp Purchasing Documents (procurement documents) evaluation criteria (Evaluation cr

Introduction to the _c++ programming of NetEase Cloud Classroom (top) _ 6th unit: Dan maple, Although the old Jewish polymorphism – inheritance and polymorphism _ 6th Unit Job "2"-online Programming (difficulty: Medium)

Unit 6th Job "2"-online programming (difficulty: Medium)View HelpreturnWarm tips:1. This assignment belongs to the online Judge topic and is enigmatic grading by the system immediately after Submission.2. Students can submit an unlimited number of answers before the deadline , and the system will take the highest score as the final Result. The inheritance relationship between classes is implemented on the basis of unit 5th job "4" and the code of "1"

C + + Primer Plus 6th reading notes-6th branch statements and logical operators

1. The handling of line breaks when Cin reads errors1#include 2 3 using namespacestd;4 5 intMain () {6 DoubleD;7 CharC;8CIN >>D;9 if(!cin) {Tencout "x"Endl; One cin.clear (); Acout Get() Endl; - } - //cin.get (); theCin.Get(c); -}The above code input is divided into 2 cases:If the input is a double type, cin.get (c) reads the newline character and the program finishes running.If the input is not a double type, such as the char type, then CIN will place the wrong bit, leaving

Pro ASP. NET Core MVC 6th Chapter 3, mvc6th

Pro ASP. NET Core MVC 6th Chapter 3, mvc6thChapter 3 MVC pattern, projects and conventions Before learning more about ASP. NET Core MVC, I want to make sure you are familiar with the ideas behind the MVC design pattern and how to convert it into an ASP. NET Core MVC project. You may have understood some of the ideas and conventions discussed in this chapter, especially if you have completed advanced ASP. NET or C # development. If not, I encourage you

Main New Features of 6th generation Fiber Channel Technology

The 6th-generation fiber channel technology is the next-generation fiber channel technology, and the fiber channel Industry Association has developed the 6th-generation Fiber Channel standard. It is designed to solve performance, reliability, and problems with ultra-large scale virtualization and SSD storage technologies, meeting the scalability requirements of the new data center architecture. This solutio

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) (Chinese version) PDF

Brief introductionSince 1996, JavaScript's: Authoritative guide has been defined for JavaScript Bible programmers, Programmer's guides and a comprehensive reference to the core language and Web browser of the client JavaScript API. The 6th edition includes HTML5 and ECMAScript 5, a new chapter with jquery and server-side JavaScript. It is recommended for programmers who want to learn the Web programming language experience, as well as the current Java

Rhcsa/rhce Red Hat Linux certification Learning Guide (6th): ex200 & ex300

Rhcsa/rhce Red Hat Linux certification Learning Guide (version 6th): ex200 ex300 basic information original title: rhcsa/rhce Red Hat Linux cerication study guide (exams ex200 ex300 ), sixth Edition Author: (US) Michael Jang Translator: Wu Wanguo Li zengmin Qu Wei Press: Tsinghua University Press ISBN: 9780071765657 Release Date: May 2013 Release Date: 16 open pages: version 683: Classification of version 1-1: Computer> operating system> more about

"Modern Software Engineering", chapter 5.5, 6th and 7th of the Reading notes

This time I am going to write a reading note about the "Modern Software Engineering" Chapter 5.5, 6th and 7th chapter of the content.In Chapter 5.5, I contacted a series of software development processes, such as: Write a re-change mode, waterfall model, waterfall model of various variants, rational Unified process and boss-driven process and so on. Each software development process has its advantages and disadvantages. What impresses me most is the s

Introduction to the _c++ program design of NetEase Cloud Classroom (top) _ 6th: Dan Feng, although old and still polymorphic-inheritance and polymorphism

a header file and defined in a source file where the name of the files match the name of The class.35. The class should be declared in the header file and defined in the source file, the two file names should be the same as the class nameExample: MyClass.h, myclass.c++The exception to this is that the declaration and definition of the template class are placed in the header fileThe. Class variables should never is declared public.49. Class member variables cannot be declared publicDescription:

e-Book C + + Primer Plus (6th edition Chinese version). pdf

C + + is a programming language developed on the basis of C language, which integrates object-oriented programming, general programming and traditional procedural programming, which is a superset of C language. The C + + Primer Plus (6th edition) (Chinese version) was written in accordance with the 2003 Iso/ansi C + + standard. The basic concepts and techniques of C + + are elaborated in detail in a large number of short and short programs.The book is

"White hat Talk Web Security" The 6th chapter of the study note HTML 5 security

6th Chapter HTML 5 Security 6.1 HTML 5new Label6.1.1of the new labelXssHTML5 defines new tags, new events, which can lead to new XSS attacks. So the black and white list needs to be updated constantly. 6.1.2 iframeof theSandboxthe sandbox property of an IFRAME is an important part of HTML5 security. It also brings a new mime type,text-html/sandboxed. in the HTML5 page, you can use the sandbox properties of the iframe , such as:If no value is added, th

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