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201508110842_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth Edition)-method borrowing, private state, construct refactoring and factory method" (p225-233)

1. Method borrowing is "inheritance", and the prototype method in one class is used in another class. p227 Generic Object2. Private state:"The variable is closed in an anonymous function to simulate the private variables", these "variables" can only be accessed by the instance method of the class; 3. Construct refactoring:4. Factory method5. Subclass: "Method Chain", "constructor chain", "combination"6.201508110842_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (

201506300917_ JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)-classes and modules, defining class three footwork, defining functions for simple classes (p200-210)

I. Classes and modules1. The implementation of the class is based on the prototype inheritance mechanism.Two. Classes and prototypesThree. Classes and constructors1. The constructor is used to initialize the newly created object.2. Use new, so the constructor simply initializes the object state.3. Building a constructor is defining the class, so the first letter is capitalized .4.Four. Identification of constructors and classesFive. Constrctor Properties1. The value of the constructor property i

201507020721_ JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)--oo: Collection class and enumeration class, standard conversion method (p217-225)

I. Object-oriented technology in JavaScript (solving how to use the fatigue in JS programming)1. Examples of collection classesThe collection represents a non-repeating unordered collection. Two basic methods: A. Add to Collection B. Whether in the collection.    Reference: p218 set.js2. Enumeration examplesEnumeration represents a limited set of values.    Examples of PokerTwo. Standard conversion method1. toString (); Tolocalstring ();2. ValueOf ();3. ToJSON (); When an object is serialized, i

Note | JavaScript authoritative Guide [Sixth edition] Chapter 2nd: Lexical structure

not parsed correctly when the semicolon is missing.Generally speaking, if a statement starts with a "(", "[", "/", "+" or "-", it is most likely to be parsed together with the previous statement.Some programmers prefer to keep a semicolon in front of the statement so that even if the previous statement is modified and the semicolon is mistakenly deleted, the current statement will parse correctly. But there are two exceptions.The first exception is that there can be no line breaks between retur

"Reading notes--cookie" JavaScript Definitive guide Sixth edition

GetCookie () function that resolves the value of the Document.cookie property, stores the corresponding name/value pair in an object, and returns the object at the end of the function.Parsing Document.cookie Property values/** returns the value of Document.cookie as an object of name/value pairs * Assuming that the value of the stored cookie is encoded with the encodeurlcomponent () function */function GetCookie () { var cookie = {}; Initialize the last object to

and found an error in the sixth edition of the JavaScript definitive guide

PDF version, English version 158th page,var IsArray = Function.isarray | | Function (o) {return typeof o = = = = "Object" (o) = = = "[Object Array]";}; return typeof o = = = "Object" (o) = = = "[Object Array]";};Array.isarray is a function provided by ES5, this example is to implement this function in ES3, first, if the browser supports Array.isarray, it is assigned to IsArray, otherwise the subsequent function is assigned to IsArray.

201507010852_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth Edition)-the type function for judging value types, duck-type argument" (p210-217)

definedFour. Duck-type argumentfunction quacks (obj) {for (var i = 1; i var arg = arguments[i];Switch (typeof Arg) {Case ' string ':if (typeof Obj[arg]!== "function") return false;ContinueCase ' function ':arg = Arg.prototype;Case ' object ':For (var m in Arg) {if (typeof Arg[m]!== "function") continue;if (typeof Obj[m]!== "function") return false;}}}return true;};var f = function fn (x) {return x*x}; Alert (quacks (f)); //True201507010852_ "JavaScript authoritative

201506121154_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)--garbage collection mechanism, Lenin's understanding Logic Method" (p161-?)

1.To avoid such circular reference problems, it is best to manually break the connection between the native JS object and the DOM element when you do not use them:Code:myobject.element = NULL;ELEMENT.O = null;2. Isfinite (); is a finite number3. Lenin's understanding of the logical approach: A. Hold and study all aspects , contacts and intermediaries of things. Observe things in the development, movement, and change of things. C. Define all human practices into the "definition" of thing

201506150846_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth Edition)-performance optimization 10, lowercase to uppercase, filtering, Functions" (p162-168)

() method to modify the array, but invalid for the string!! Five. Functions1. A function that initializes an object becomes a constructor (constructor).2. There are two ways of defining a function: A. Define statement b. expression3. Example 1: Traversing object property names and propertiesvar object = {' A ': ' 3 ', ' str ': ' Hello ', ' funcion ': ' fn ', ' B ': ' 0.618 '};function Printprops (obj) {for (var p in obj) Console.log (p + ":" + obj[p] + "\ n")};Printprops (object); //A:3Str:hell

201506170744_ JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)-function call variable length arguments and optional parameters, "(p171-175)

I. Constructor call (with or without return)1. var obj = new Object ();var obj = new Object;The two lines of code are equivalent; expression: New obj.m ();, this is not obj!! The constructor is usually not used with the return keyword;Two. Indirect calls1. Call (), and apply (); Function: Any object can call any method/Call ();--use its own arguments as arguments to the function;Apply ();--to pass in an argument as an array;2. Optional parameter: var a = a | | [];3. Variable-length arguments: A

201506250923_ JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)-checking for functions, incomplete functions, memory functions (P193-200)

One. Check whether it is a function.function Isfunction (x) {return (x) = = = "[Object Function]";};function square (n) {return n*n;};Alert (isfunction (square)); trueI. Functional programming1. Working with arrays using functionsFor example:function fn () {//some code ...}; Elemnets.reduce (FN);2. Higher-order functions--functions of operation functionsFor example:Function not (f) {return function () {var result = f.apply (this,arguments);Return!result}};var even

201506231015_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)-functions as namespaces, closures," (p181-193)

1. function as a namespace. form: var Somefn = (function () {var a = 0;return function f () {//...};} ());2. closures. Parameters of an external function cannot be accessed directly within a closure unless the external argument is stored as a variable. For example: var outerarguments = arguments;3. Properties, methods, constructors of functionsA.Arguments.length; (expected number of arguments passed in)Arguments.callee.lenth; (number of actual arguments passed in)B. Prototype propertiesConstruct

201510232239_ "JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth Edition)-Non-polluting JS (non-extensible and non-configurable)," (p243-244)

1./* ********************************** We can usually add methods to the prototype of a class, in this case: * To achieve the purpose of the extension, now to prohibit this extension. Only * required object.preventextentions (); ***********************************/function () { //to do// Invalid2.Object.seal (); // property cannot be deleted, but can be written and modified Object.seal (Object.prototype); Object.seal (Object.freeze);3. Set the properties of the object to read-only:

Read the JavaScript authoritative guide (sixth Edition) Notes (chapter fifth)

StatementAn expression is a phrase in JavaScript, and the statement is a JavaScript whole sentence or command. Use a period to end to separate statements. An expression evaluates a value, but the statement is used to execute to make something happen.5.2 Compound statements and empty statementsCompound statement: Enclose multiple statements in curly braces to form a conforming statement.{ x = Math.PI; CX = Math.Cos (x); ................... } First, the end of a statement block does

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