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Thoughts on changes in the fourth version of PMBOK [continued]

After analyzing the two adjustments made by the new PMBOK to the project management process, let's look at the overall progress and development of PMI and its project management system. This year, when the new version of PMBOK was launched, opm3 (organizational project managementmaturity model organization Project Management Maturity Model) was launched ). It is

Project Management Knowledge Framework Pmbok (text version)

] (Quantitative Risk analysis) 7.5 risk response plan [P] (Risk Response planning) 7.6 risk monitoring [M] (Risk monitoring and Control) 8. Project Procurement Management (procurement) 8.1 procurement plan [P] (Plan Purchase and acquisition) Contract description (contract Statement of work) NBSp Homemade or outsourced decision (make-buy decisions) 8.2 package [P] (Plan contracting) NB Sp Purchasing Documents (procurement documents) evaluation criteria (Evaluation cr

PMBOK 2012 version of project Scope management

, etc.> Survey: Suitable for the audience diversification, need to complete the survey quickly, the respondents geographically dispersed or carry out statistical analysis.2. Definition of demand and importance of demand> Requirements are the competencies or conditions that a project (product, service or outcome) must meet in accordance with a specific agreement or other mandatory specification.Requirements are the basis of WBS, cost, schedule, and quality planning, and sometimes may be the basis

Analysis and Practice of PMBOK Guide

Analysis and Practice of PMBOK Guide Basic Information Original Title:Bringing the PMBOK guide to life: a companion for the practicing Project Manager Author:(US) Frank P. saladis Harold kerzner [Introduction to translators] Translator:Wu junshen Press:People's post and telecommunications Publishing House ISBN:9787115272010 Mounting time:2012-12-10 Publication date:January 2013 Start:16 Page number:1

Comparison between IBM project management methods and PMBOK

field (PM Domain) can be understood as the knowledge field of project management, which is similar to the nine knowledge fields in PMBOK. However, PMBOK is expanded in depth and breadth, in line with IBM's project management industry characteristics and company management philosophy. The project management method of IBM defines 13 fields, which are divided into 51 Sub-domains and then 150 processes ).

Comparison of relationships and differences between cmme and PMBOK

Cmme has no direct relationship with PMBOK and is also a model in different fields. However, with the in-depth application of project management in various industries, in particular, the rapid development of project management in the software industry in recent years. therefore, understanding the differences and relationships between CMMI and PMBOK is also necessary to understand these process models and be

"Decomposition-normalization"-PMBOK's Problem Solving Philosophy

Looking at PMBOK, all tools, technologies, and methods used in project management are often not complex. If we show them one by one, we will often feel familiar, and even some of them are already in use. However, under the guidance of the entire PMBOK system framework, we can use many familiar tools and methods to raise the management level of our projects to a higher level. This is what makes

PMBOK Project Management Nine knowledge areas and five major processes

PMBOK Project Management Nine knowledge areas and five processes PMI Turn from: Http:// Project Management Institute. PMI is the world's largest non-profit organization and a leader in project management. PMI develops project management industry standards, leads project management research and provides project management training, certifications, and some opportunities to enhance professional skill

PMBOK Study Notes

PMBOK (project management body of knowledge) PMBOK guide divides into 44 processes that fall into 5 Process Groups. 5 process groups are: Initiating: Develop Project Charter, develop preliminary scope statement Plannig: develop project management plan, risk identification, Quality Planning, Activity Duration Estimation Executing: direct and manage project work, information distribution Monitoring cont

PMBOK Project Management PMI

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a project management professional qualification and is the United States Program Management Association (Project Management Institute,PMI) In more than 180 countries and regions in the world to promote, is the current project management area of the highest gold certification. The acquisition of PMP certificates not only enhances project manager's project management level, but also directly reflects the individual competitiveness of project managers, and i

PMBOK Project Management Awareness Overview

This year through the efforts to obtain a PMP certificate, is very happy, but also a reward for efforts to pay it!Through the study of PMP related project management knowledge, foreign project management technology has a more systematic cognition, understanding, master, familiar with the whole project life cycle management. In fact, the software project management is a lot of complexity, there are many unpredictable risks, difficult to manage and control, will also find that the domestic project

The major systems in the PMBOK

Original: Management System (Project Management Systems, PMS) A collection of procedures, tools, techniques, methods, resources, and programs that are required to manage a project. is one

Analysis on nine knowledge fields of PMBOK

Gao maoyuan's nine knowledge fields: I. Scope Management The most important concern is the requirement. It is necessary to reach an agreement with the important stakeholders of the project to reach a commitment. The core is to create the WBS

PMBOK Overview (nine knowledge systems and five specific stages)

Early project management mainly focused on cost, progress (time), and later expanded to quality. Over the past decade, project management has gradually evolved into a separate branch covering nine major knowledge systems and five specific stages.

JAVASCRIPT-PC version Jump M version ok, but the M version of the PC version of the link can not be stopped in the PC version

PC version of the M-version OK, but the M-point PC version of the link can not be stopped in the PC version or skip to the M version The following is the PC-side code in the The following is the code in the M version of hea

The javascript-PC version jumps to the m version OK, but the m version's point PC version link cannot be stopped in the PC version

Pc jumps to the m version, but the m version's point pc version link cannot be stopped in the pc version or jump to the m version below is the pc-side code in the amp; lt; head amp; gt; {code ...} the following is the code {code...} in the head of version m ...} how can I

Sets the browser version (IE version) and browser version (ie version) of the client that accesses the project by default.

Sets the browser version (IE version) and browser version (ie version) of the client that accesses the project by default. In project development and deployment, browser incompatibility is found, which makes the user experience better without compatibility (IE browser) Let's set the client's default browser

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IIS log Cleanup (cmd version, VBS version, JS version, WSH version) _win server

also to clean up in time. And there are two solutions: 1.60 days before the daily cleaning of the log 2. Over time, clean up the 60 days before the log. But either way, it has to be handled by technology, manual to delete unless you are very professional, you can find 60 days before the log file to delete, but even if you are very good technology, this method is very time-consuming, the best way is: Using a DOS batch or script to implement, you can use the script is mainly VBS and JS. There ar

High version, low version migration, low version Client connection high-version database EXP export Error exp-00008,ora-01455,exp-00000

Production Environment:Source database: RHEL + Oracle database: HP-UX + Oracle Migrate part of the table>, if some tables within the migration scope already exist in the target library, then replace. This migration data volume Initial scenario: the lower version of the client connects to the high-version database, with the lower

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