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Introduction to PMD, usage, application in the project

about PMD PMD is scanning Java source code and looking for potential problems: a null-and-void capture block (catch blocks) never used parameter NULL if declaration duplicate import declaration never used private method isolation Class short or long type variable and method name PMD has plug-ins with the following software

Static code checking tool-PMD Beginner's introductory article

Objective:PMD is a static code analysis tool that can automatically detect various potential defects as well as unsafe or non-optimized code.PMD is more focused on pre-detection flaws, and it provides a highly configurable rich set of rules that users can easily configure to treat specific projects using those rules.Installation and use:1. How to install the PMD plug-in in eclipseEclipse menu > Help > Install New

Static source code analysis tools: PMD's installation and configuration

WindowsRequirements: Java JRE 1.5 or higher (see section below for Java JRE 1.4 Support) WinZip or the free7-zip Download the latest binary distribution ( e., Unzip it into any directory, I. e., D: \ PMD \ ========================================================== ========================================================== ==================================

FindBugs, Checkstyle, PMD installation and use of the eclipse plugin

CheckStyleCheck the source fileMain focus Format Check if the Java source file matches the code specification Mainly include:Javadoc notesNaming conventionsExtra Useless importsA size measure, such as a method that is too longThe necessary space is missing whitespaceDuplicate code This table goes from: As open-source software, we can use it with no fear, wi

Eclipse-java Code specification and quality check plugin-PMD

PMD is a source code parser. It finds common programming flaws, such as unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and so on. It supports Java, JavaScript, Apex, Plsql, Apache Velocity, XML, XSL, and more.In addition, it includes CPD (copy-paste-detector, copy-paste detector). CPD in Java, C, C + +, C #, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, Fortran, JavaScript, Plsql, Apache Velocity, Scala, Objective C, Matlab, Python, Go, Duplic

How to improve your code quality---using PMD

loop ® Duplicate code: Copy/Paste code means copy/paste bugs Can be at the following address Download PMD, and can be in Rule Set IndexPage to see a preview of all the rules. At the same time, PMD has been associated with JDeveloper, Eclipse, JEdit, JBuilder, BlueJ, Codeguide, NetBeans, Sun Java Studio enterprise/creator, IntelliJ Idea, TextPad, Maven, Ant, Gel, JCreator, and Emacs are integrated togethe

Eclipse Online Install PMD plugin

Plug-in installation address Detailed Enquiry: If you had previously installed a version of the PMD Eclipse plugin prior to November and then you shou

Test Tool PMD Use

First, basic knowledge PMD is a tool for parsing Java code errors. Unlike other analysis tools, PMD learns code errors through static analysis. That is, you report an error without running the Java program. PMD comes with a number of rules that can be used directly, using these rules to identify many problems with Java source programs, such as unused variables, e

iOS Development Jenkins (Dryplugin) +PMD/CPD detect Duplicate code

1. Build Jenkins Reference: Http:// 2, install DRY plugin DRY Plug-in 3. Download PMD, decompression PMD and placed in the designated directory I placed it in the ~/p

MyEclipse2014 installation Checkstyle, PMD, findbugs the most convenient way to detailed

: file Unzip and open the files under Plugins and features to myeclipse corresponding files Reboot MyEclipse, project right click to see Checkstyle option installed successfully PmdPMD: Static code analysis tool, automatic detection of potential defects and unsafe or suboptimalThe code. Download PMD I'm us

PMD 5.7.0 release, Java program code checking tool

PMD 5.7.0 was released. PMD is a Java program code checker that is released using the BSD protocol. The tool can check whether the Java code contains unused variables, contains empty fetch blocks, contains unnecessary objects, and so on. The software is powerful and highly efficient, and is a good helper for Java programmer Debug. Notable changes are: the "fieldd

Job 2.1.2 install and use PMD

I. Installation and Use of PMD(1) Installation of PMD-Online Installation1. Open eclipse and select help-install new software.2. In the pop-up install dialog box, select the Add button3. Fill in the plug-in name: PMD in name, and enter the plug-in address:

Use note of PMD

1) failed to check with multiple rule sets at a time Command line: E:/software/pmd-2.3/bin> pmd c:/test. Java HTML rulesets/unusedcode. XML, rulesets/basic. xml Running result: Sample source code: Import java. util. arraylist; Import java. util .*; Public class test { Public static void main (string [] ARGs ){ Try { Int I = 0; If (I> 0 ){} System. Out. println ("

Recently started research on PMD (a Java program code Checker with BSD protocol release)

PMD is a Java program code checker that is released using the BSD protocol. The tool can check whether the Java code contains unused variables, contains empty fetch blocks, contains unnecessary objects, and so on. The software is powerful and highly efficient, and is a good helper for Java programmer Debug. the supported editors for PMD include:JDeveloper, Eclips

Install PMD in Eclipse

Plugin InstallationIf you had previously installed a version of the PMD Eclipse plugin prior to November and then you should remove/uninst All it first. To install the PMD for Eclipse plugin:1. In Eclipse, click on Help, Install New software ...2. Click on Add :3. Enter the following:Name: PMD for Eclipse Update SiteUR

Tools for effectively checking Java code: PMD, Checkstyle, FindBugs, Jalopy__java;2. Extract to "E:\MyEclipse6.5\eclipse\features" and "E:\MyEclipse6.5\eclipse\plugins"; Or the entire edu.umd.cs.findbugs.plugin.eclipse_1.3.9.20090821 file to plugins, note JDK version, such as 3 can only be above jdk7(2.2. Or online Installation: Help->installnew software--) Click "Add", then in the pop-up "Name" type "findBugs", "Location" input "http://" can be)3. R

Maven configuration pom file add PMD check, add checkstyle check, Jdepend etc check function

reference jdepend usage instructionsAdd Findbugz Check, detailed configuration reference Findbugz usage instructions,Add Javadoc generation, detailed configuration reference Javadoc usageWith JXR support, JXR is an HTML-formatted tool that generates Java code cross-references and source code, with detailed configuration information referenced JXR usage. Note that JXR is not necessary to run in the build phase. join Cobertura support, which is a code coverage tool that can be used to evaluate th

MyEclipse2014 the simplest way to install Checkstyle, PMD, findbugs

Tags: myeclipse plug-in Software Installation software reviewRecently, due to the experimental requirements for code review and program performance optimization, need to install some plug-ins under MyEclipse, but because now the MyEclipse version and most of the tutorials are different, some installation options have changed, so it is very cumbersome to install, through constant attempts, Reference and Chop

From static code scanning engine PMD Source Learning-multithreaded task model and file filtering design

It has been about 4 months since I studied PMD and customized the rules in my work. In fact, PMD has many worthy of my learning source code, but because of time did not have to pen. Today's brief summary of PMD and file filtering design of the source code.1 Public classMultithreadprocessorextendsAbstractpmdprocessor {2 3 PrivateExecutorservice executor;4

A concise tutorial on pmd

1. decompress the package;2, cd./qatools/pmd-bin-5.0.4/bin3. Modify to modify the directory to be checked. Take useless code check as an example. The original content is:./run. sh pmd-d/home/wuhe. jyh/xxx/yyy/-rulesets java-unusedcode> unusedcode.txt The red font part is the directory to be checked. The source code is checked by the pmd component. you

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