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Building an enterprise-level project management system (03)-building an enterprise-level PMO

The Project Management Office (PMO) has become the name of a dedicated project management organization in various enterprises. Because the project management office has different distribution locations on the product, project, and resource management main lines, its types are also different: 1. PMO in the project: in some large projects, the project content is very complex, and it is difficult to coordinat

On the role of PMO in agile organization

The so-called "agile Organization" does not have a standard model, and the PMO ( Project Management Office ) does not have a standard role definition. There is a very common misconception that companies can only make two-dollar mutually exclusive choices when choosing the "agile" or "waterfall" development process, and the result is that some companies will try to keep their business and projects strictly following this pattern to an extreme state. Th

Project Management Office-PMo

According to the information, the Project Management Office (PMO) appeared in the early 1990s S. At that time, PMO only provided a small number of services and support work, and more companies were used to "control" the projectInstead of providing them with the direction and guidance of project management. In the late 1990s s, for enterprise leaders, the need to put projects in the operation of the entire e

Build an enterprise-level project management system (05)-do you need PMO?

When the number of projects in the organization begins to grow, the risk of project failure begins to increase. Due to resource gaps, regulatory vulnerabilities may occur. In this case, it is very important to define the project management process, set metrics, and introduce best practices. For many companies, this means creating a functional organization called PMO. Specifically, when you find the followi

Scrum team and PMO work together to improve project success

in many companies, there are many IT projects, especially in software companies, are not used by many development teams to manage projects using agile development. In some cases, especially in some companies where it is not highly valued and can only serve as a business support sector, the main problem for agile teams is the lack of strong support from the top. In this case, based on The concepts of PMBOK, we need to support project management by strengthening the project management office (

Engineering PMO Work

 This is the first time to count the project . PMO the identity of the person to participate in the project. Although it was a pity not to start from scratch, nor to participate in the end of the project. There is only a short two months, but the project PMO can also be a little glimpse. Now write it as a journal. Into the project team, it is noon, the early spring noon sunny, according to the whole peopl

One of the Organizational Management System promotion experiences-Why PMO?

PMO is generally referred to as the Project Management Office, project management center, or project management department. PMO is the core Department for improving Organization Management Maturity. based on industry best practices and recognized project management knowledge systems, PMO integrates the Business and Industry Characteristics of enterprises and the

What does the PMO look like eventually? (2)

PMO What does it look like? (2)Next, continue to talk about what the PMO will look like.To function, 8 typical duties1 Monitoring, identification and presentationProject processing units from the point of view must be monitored and identified. Each project in the critical period of its development is not the same as scheduled, whether there are key experts to assess the key node, to ensure that the project

Organization Management System promotion experience 2-why does a software project require SQA with pm and PMo?

issue to the senior manager or project owner through separate channels. In the organizational process, especially for enterprises that implement the CMM System, they have a clearer and deeper understanding of the role of SQA. The following is a comparison of the responsibilities of PM, PMO, and SQA: Role Responsibilities PMO Pay more attention to the establishment, maintenance and i

Project, project set, project combination, PMO

manages one or more project portfolios to achieve specific strategic business goals, including identification, sorting, authorization, management and control of projects, project sets and other related work. 3. PMO Project Management Office It mainly provides various support for project managers: 3.1 manage the resources shared by all projects under PMO. 3.2 identify and develop project management methods

[PMo] Introduction

PMOWhat is it? It can be a combination of many different words. Here, what I want to say isProject Management Office. Forgive me for being ignorant,PMOThe concept was already in the industry two years ago.BuzzwordI was not very familiar with this concept until recently due to work reasons. In this article, let's take a preliminary look at why we needPMO, Or,PMOWhat functions should we have? PMO It can be said that It The p

What exactly is the PMO like?

PMO What the hell? When the future project processing units thoroughly sound, to reach the most sophisticated degree of time of the project to do what the unit should do, what is the bulk of the function, that is, about a full PMO its functions and characters are included?The following model is precisely the UK's Project Processing unit summary Refining model, the model of the most complete project handling

Project management instance (1)-different PMO

rights, because the boss hopes to find a "strong" person who can "manage" him ". In this context, I took office immediately. My department is set to PMO. Unlike PMO in general companies, I directly lead the project manager. No matter who, no matter which department or position, I only need to be a project manager, all belong to my leadership. Project managers manage and assess team members in different dep

Metric Metrics tool for version Metrics-java

IntroducedMetrics is a package of metrics for Java services, embedded in Java code Metrics code, you can easily monitor the business code of the various indicators, at the same time, metrics can be very good with ganlia, graphite combination, Easy to provide graphical interface. The basic use of the core package (currently stable version 3.0.1) directly into the

Linux memory performance metrics, CPU performance metrics

main pages interrupt means more access to the diskThe indicator can be viewed via the SAR command# sar-b 1 3pgpgin/pgpgout is the swap-in and swap out of memoryFault page breakmajflt main missing pages interruptvmstat command can also view some memory information# vmstat 1 5 Memory part is the RAM informationSi/so is swapped-in swap outSupplemental skillsWhen the top command is executed, the SWAP column is usually not displayed and you need to specify the displayIn the top interface, click 'f',

Ganglia Hadoop-related monitoring configuration and metrics

About ganglia configuration in Hadoop2.0.0-cdh4.3.0: Modify configuration file: $ HADOOP_HOME/etc/hadoop/hadoop-metrics.propertiesAdd the following content:*. Sink. ganglia. class = org. apache. hadoop. metrics2.sink. ganglia. GangliaSink31*. Sink. ganglia. period = 10# Default for supportsparse is false*. Sink. ganglia. supportsparse = true*. Sink. ganglia. slope = jvm. metrics. gcCount = zero, jvm. metrics

Ambari Metrics Introduction

ConceptAmbari metrics is a functional component in Ambari that is responsible for monitoring cluster status. It has some of the following key concepts: Terminology Description Ambari Metrics System ("AMS") The built-in metrics collection system for Ambari. Metric

Hadoop metrics parameter description

People who use hadoop have some knowledge about the detailed counters in hadoop, but many may not find any information when they want to fully understand all metrics. In addition, there are few introductions when searching in the code. List all items. DFS. datanode. blockchecksumop_avg_time block verification average time DFS. datanode. blockchecksumop_num_ops block check count DFS. datanode. blockreports_avg_time average time of the block report DFS.

How to collect Nginx metrics (Article 2)

How to collect Nginx metrics (Article 2)How to obtain the required NGINX metrics How to obtain the required metrics depends on the NGINX version you are using and What metrics you want to see. (See how to monitor NGINX (Article 1) to learn more about NGINX metrics .) Both th

Introduction to Object-oriented metrics address: Measurement AnalysisThe CK (chidamber kemerer) measure set [8] and mood [measure set] are often used when parsing code in object-oriented metrics. In this section, we will enumerate and explain the specific use of metrics.2.1 Coupling1974, Steven et. In the context of structured progr

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