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PHP header sends various types of file uploads

PHP header send various types of file download Reference Header (' content-type:application/image/pjpeg ');//type of output Header (' content-disposition:attachment; filename= ' downloaded.jpg '); Download the displayed name, note the

What are the Content-type

Content-type, connection type, generally refers to the presence of Content-type in the Web page, which defines the type of network file and the encoding of the Web page, and determines in what form and in what encoding the browser will read the file.

PHP conversion image for the ICO format source sharing

Class = 0; $y-) {for ($x = 0; $x le2s ($IcoWidths [$key], 4); $BFH [$key]. = $this->le2s ($IcoHeights [$key] * 2, 4); $BFH [$key]. = "\x01\x00"; $BFH [$key]. = Chr ($bpp [$key]). " \x00 ";

HTTP Content-type

file name extension Content-type file name extension Content-type .* Application/octet-stream . tif Image/tiff .001 application/x-001 .301 application/x-301 .323 text/h323

About Ajax caching in Javascript

AJAX cache is intended to improve AJAX efficiency and reduce the pressure on the server. However, improper use may lead to unexpected results. There are several solutions to disable Ajax caching:1. Add the header ("Cache-Control: no-cache,

ThinkPHP3.2.3 extended QR code, thinkphp3.2.3 extension _php tutorial

ThinkPHP3.2.3 extended QR code, thinkphp3.2.3 extension First, the path is set. Simple to use no Logo: Public Function QRCode () { Vendor (' Phpqrcode.phpqrcode '); Generate QR code image $object = new \qrcode (); $url =

History of the most complete oophper php file upload file type corresponding table, ie, Firefox one copy.

Ie Firefox ID suffix name PHP recognized file type 0 Gif Image/gif 1 Jpg Image/jpeg 2 Png

PHP File Download Method _php Tutorial

The article is also very simple, we just use head to send header information can be implemented to download the file to this, there is a direct send header information also has to save the file on the server and then use the header to send Oh, there

PHP using Ajax sample _php Tutorial

[Introduction to Ajax] Ajax is a Web application development method that uses client-side scripting to Exchange data with a Web server. Web pages can be dynamically updated without interrupting the interaction process for re-cropping. With Ajax,

PHPheader sends various types of files and sets the file upload name

PHPheader sends various types of files and sets the file download name & lt ;? Phpheader (Content-type: applicationimagepjpeg); output type header (Content-Disposition: attachment=filenamedownloaded.jpg); download the displayed PHP header to send

The mine table corresponding to the marker name after the php file Upload type

When uploading a file using a PHP script, the format of the file is processed as the php file, for example, (.jpg file format is image/jpeg ). This format is first determined by the browser. The browser submits a form to identify a type of file and

Php Getting Started Tutorial 7 (image operations and examples)

This article uses a large number of examples to explain the php Tutorial code for image operations. Next let's take a look at the example tutorials.$ Height = 300;$ Width = 300;// Create a background image$ Im = imagecreatetruecolor ($ width, $

PHP header send various types of files and settings file upload name

PHP header send various types of files and settings file download name Header (' content-type:application/image/pjpeg ');//type of outputHeader (' content-disposition:attachment; filename= ' downloaded.jpg '); Download the displayed name,

Share the self-adaptive thumbnail class generated by PHP and Its Usage

Copy the following code directly and create a new file named thumbnailimage. php. The file name should not be capitalized. Copy the following code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Define ('max _ IMG_SIZE ', 100000 ); // Supported image typesDefine (

Yii integration Phpqrcode generate two-dimensional code with online demo address

1, first to the official website download package downloading the class library provided by the official website, we only need to use phpqrcode.php to generate the QR code, of course, your PHP environment must

Android calls the software installed in the system to open the file

In applications, how to call the software installed in the system to open a file is a common problem. Below is a method I have used. Let's share it with you!This is a method to open a file:   Java code /*** Open a file* @ Param file*/Private void

Use the header to define it as a file and then download the readfile (hide the download address)

Sometimes, to hide the truth, we define the file as a header and then download the readfile, but this will increase the burden on the server. Generally, we do not recommend downloading large files. Sometimes, to hide the truth, we define the file as

Use Nodejs to build the simplest and lightest HTTP server

1. IntroductionFront-end program apes are primarily concerned with the page, and you may not be able to use it at all. net,java,php and other background languages.But the pages you make are always run, always tested. --that's the inevitable use of

PHP File Upload type, the marker name corresponds to mine table-PHP source code

When uploading files or images in php, we will encounter the type of files to be uploaded. If we only limit the suffix, it is easy to bypass it, I have found some tables corresponding to the mine name after the marker, and hope to help you. When

ASP.NET-016: save file dialog box in ASP. NET

ASP.NET-016: save file dialog box in ASP. NETI wanted to use savediallog in to save the file. The result showed that the displayed mode dialog box or form is invalid when the application is not running in UserInteractive mode. Use the

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