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How to change the background of light and shadow magic hand

First need to download in the computer installation "Shadow Magic Hand" picture processor software, the software only has 13M size, download installation is very convenient, far more than nearly 1000M size of photoshop software download installation

Comparison of GIF, JPEG, and PNG

GIF, JPEG, and PNG are the three most common image formats. GIF: It was born in 1987 and is often used in Webpage animation. It adopts lossless compression and supports 256 colors (generally 8 bit color). It supports a single transparent

Light and shadow Magic hand change background tutorial

How to change the background of light and shadow Magic hand The first step: the Magic hand of light and shadow drawing 1, first select a background for the blue set of indoor wedding photos, with light magic hand Open, and then click Landscaping

Background composite Properties Detailed (UP): Background-image

Background compound attribute is a very complex property, the pattern is very many, the more magical is CSS3Support multi-image background, this article first talk about the Background-image property, the other background properties will be

The realization of the light-off game and the realization of the light-off game

The realization of the light-off game and the realization of the light-off game UIImage * ima = [UIImage imageNamed: @ "1.png"]; for (int I = 0; I Set background and start button -(Void) click :( ButtonSubview *) btn {UIImage * lamp = [UIImage

PS teach you to create neon light box text effect

Objective: It's really a long process to fully master Photoshop's filter features. It is like a magic treasure box, the ever-changing, and we get to the point of the simple filter technique, obviously can not meet the day-to-day application of a

Using Photoshop to make 2014 color light silk font effect

Final effect 1, create a new 1024 * 700 pixel file, background filled with black. First save the text in the image below, then open with PS, file in PNG format, drag directly into the new file, text color can be

Grub2 of ubuntu 11.04 and startup background images

Http:// Configure grub2: Grub2 configuration does not directly edit/boot/GRUB/grub. cfg,(1) files in the/etc/grub. d directory(2)/etc/default/GRUBAfter

PS self-made low polygon background

As the flattening became popular, a low, abstract, low-level polygon background, which appeared in the background of a Web page or poster design, came into vogue. The shape of its class geometry, there is a concise sense of the future, as high as

Photoshop makes a soft Chinese color light silk word

It is very fast to do with the path of the light silk text. Process: First the desired graphic or text into the path, and then use the Set brush stroke path to get the initial light silk word, and then use the layer style and so on to increase the

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