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Design Web sites for IE for Pocket PC

The information contained in this document only represents Microsoft Corporation's views on the document and issues on the date of publication. Since Microsoft must respond to the ever-changing market conditions, the information should not be understood as a certain commitment made by Microsoft. At the same time, microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided after the publication date. This document is for reference only. Microsoft does not provide any public or implied w

Using Web service to connect to a database in a Pocket PC

web| Connection database using Web service connection database in Pocket PC Objective Microsoft's Mobile Developers Conference was held in Beijing in June, and while domestic mobile apps are just getting started, the broad prospects are being watched by more and more software vendors. Commercial applications on mobile devices, although just beginning, have shown

Introduction to Pocket PC and smartphone development tools based on Windows Mobile

Mobile Platforms. Microsoft has released a variety of tool packages for building applications on Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and smartphones. This White Paper introduces developers to the current situation of Windows Mobile Application development tools and their development prospects. It helps developers determine which development tools are most suitable for their needs, where they should be used, and before starting a mobile application proj

How to transmit files between a Pocket PC simulator and a PC

additional work. This method uses the built-in network file sharing Function of the Pocket PC operating system, which is subsequently provided by the simulator included in Visual Studio. NET. This method is divided into two parts: Configure sharing on the development computer, and then access sharing through the file Explorer (File resource manager) of the simulator. Two configurations are required for

PC Capture Screen (screenshot), remote control software SOTI Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry

) This is a PCM introduction Soti Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry I believe most of the BlackBerry families are trying to get your BlackBerry back to SMS, BBM, Email, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, when Ann sits at home or in front of the office computer. This is a very annoying move that repeats 10 times a day, and this time, this remote app lets you manage all your messages in one place, with your BlackBerry on your computer. Texy by Blogberr

Create ActiveX Control for IE on Pocket PC

ActiveX control is a user interface component created using COM (Component Object Model) technology. ActiveX controls are small, fast, and powerful, and can simplify the process of integrating and reusing software components. This article discusses how to create ActiveX controls for Pocket Internet Explorer on the Pocket PC, and describes how to use ActiveX contr

Using ezsetup for creating Pocket PC Installations

Ezsetup is a free open source program for creating instillations for your Pocket PC program. After you have prepared CAB files for each processor you have to write a setup program that will install these cab files. Summary Ezsetup is a free open source program for creating instillations for your Pocket PC program. Afte

Developing and deploying Pocket PC installers

ApplicationMicrosoft® .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003 Profile Learn how to create a stand-alone. msi file that runs from the desktop to install the application on a different Pocket PC device. The development process is automated, so you can easily create and package the required components to an. msi file. The sample code is written in C # and VB.net languages. Content Summ

Set reminders on Smartphone/pocket PC 2003

When developing Smartphone/pocket PC applications with. NET CF, we often need to add reminders to our applications, such as alerting users to meetings at two o'clock in the afternoon, or alerting users to synchronizing an important data while the handheld device and PC are connected via ActiveSync. Currently, there are several ways to implement reminders: Window

Assemble a robot with a Pocket PC

Assemble a robot with a Pocket PC A group of computer science students from Freiburg universities in various countries suddenly think about how to use a Pocket PC and a digital camera to modify the Robosapien robot so that it can act on its own. Robosapien robot with arm and head replaced by "cruel" Before Modif

Pocket pc TV remote control (source code)

Pocket pc TV remote control (source code) Author: Nick Deacon Source: codeproject Download>IntroductionHave you ever wanted to be able to control your TV, hi-fi, or video using the IR port on your Pocket PC? Here's how to do it.BackgroundI recently lost the TV remote for my old Son

First demo of mobile 5.0 pocket PC

Yesterday, the company decided to use the Device Application in the mobile 5.0 pocket PC for the next project. I turned to learn this again. OWCC must be stopped temporarily.After completing a reconnaissance game with colleagues in the evening, we started the first mobile 5.0 pocket PC demo. But I did not study it. The

Use. net 2003 to develop a Windows CE application to solve the problem of communication with the pocket pc.

When using. net 2003 for Windows CE applications, a problem occurs. After the project is compiled, the following error occurs when the project is deployed to the pocket pc:------ Started deployment: Project: PDA, configuration: Debug Pocket PC ------Deploying the device to the Pock

Develop a Windows CE application with. NET 2003 to address problems with the Pocket PC

window| Solve | The problem When using. NET 2003 as a Windows CE application, you encounter a problem. Project compilation passed, but the following error occurred while deploying to the Pocket PC:------Started deployment: Project: PDA, configuration: Debug Pocket PC------ Deploying to

Problems to be considered before using C # To develop Pocket PC applications

1)Some investigations should be conducted to confirm that. NET Compact frameworkAll classes that need to be used (Class) And method (Method); 2)If there is no required class, tryCompact frameworkFind a substitute Class; 3)Because mobile device resources (processing capabilities and operation and storage space) are limited, try to simplifyProgram; 4)Good at usageWin32 APIThis is important; 5)Books and materials:"Programming Windows CE. net"; 6)The simulator is easy to use, but it should

Excerpt-multithreaded programming on the Pocket PC with Visual C ++

The modular drive design of learning is designed, haha. While there have been several resources written to cover creating threads using Microsoft Win32 C functions, there is a temporary age of information on how to handle threads in C ++. since C ++ programmers can use C functions in their programs, threading is typically done in C, at the cost of some functionality and the Object Modeling available to applications written in C ++. by threading with the methods described in this article, you ca

VS2008 Pocket PC 2003 SE VGA emulator network settings

Recently on this problem groping for a long time, have not solved, today finally fix, now the general set of steps to record, in case of review and convenient for others to view, the steps are as follows:1. Open the VS2008 and open the Windows Mobile Device Center (available online for download).2. Connect the emulator.3. Open the Emulator Administration page.4. Emulator network settings.5. Insert the sled.6. Establish the association.7.OK.If it is unsuccessful, it is recommended to restart and

Precautions for designing websites for IE for Pocket PC

1. DHTML and CSS are not supported. 2. Frame always has borders and can be resize, because the border and margin occupy a lot of limited screen space, so it is not recommended to use frame 3. ActiveX controls cannot be automatically downloaded. Existing ActiveX controls can be referenced by object tags. ActiveX controls do not apply "adaptive screen". Java applets are not supported. 4. Multiple windows are not supported. The target attribute can only be used to indicate the corresponding form

How to install the WinCE platform Pocket PC application from the desktop system

Looking at forums, it's often asked how to install the WinCE platform Pocket PC application from the desktop system. Hereby refer to the previous reference vchelp on the installation of Thor to write a Win32 installation WinCE application System program, put it up. I would like to provide some references for the application installer under the production wince. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Create

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