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Where is the entry point for the executable program? (Hardening concept: The real entrance to the program is mainCRTStartup)

Today finally have time to study a very large project compiled into an EXE and a number of DLLs, the program is the first command to execute it? What rules does the operating system use to find the first instruction that should be executed (or how

The special point of the development of female program

In the "Do what you want to do" open class interactive link, there is a girl asked a question, the main idea is "whether the girl is suitable for programmers", how I answered, has forgotten almost, to the effect that gender is not directly affected

Select and create a new access point from the blocked access point in Symbian 2nd-Niu Ren's work!

Beijing University of Technology 20981 chen yu http://blog.chinaunix.net/u/26691/index.html   (1) Basic knowledge supplement-about cmnet and cmwapAs we all know, China Mobile imposes human limitations on the GPRS grouping data service and divides it"

PC reverse code Restoration Technology: first, the presentation of basic data types in memory. Floating Point and pointer addressing Formulas

Directory Code Restoration Technology I. Introduction code Restoration Ii. Data Type representation in code Restoration 1. Integer type 2. unsigned integer 3. signed integer 4. Floating Point Data Type 5.

Program memory Layout-the point of the function call stack, the memory layout function call

Program memory Layout-the point of the function call stack, the memory layout function call [Note] This article is a summary of "programmer's self-cultivation", which is mixed with some personal understandings. If there is anything wrong, you are

Hello, C ++ (3) 2.1 self-white of a C ++ program, 2.1 self-white

Hello, C ++ (3) 2.1 self-white of a C ++ program, 2.1 self-white Part 1: First close contact with C ++ After browsing the world map of C ++, I had a basic understanding of C ++ and entered the door of the C ++ world. So how can we bring another foot

[Recommended] tomato work und-exclusively treating procrastination, mental disorder, and five more minutes of Syndrome

First of all, I would like to pay tribute to my colleagues who are still working in their posts and those who have returned home without having to brush up on the blog garden.I recently read The "The Clean Coder", but an unexpected result is that I

The problem of accurate calculation of floating-point data float and double in Java

I. Loss of precision in floating-point calculationsProbably a lot of friends with programming experience are not familiar with this problem: no matter what programming language you use, when you use floating-point data for accurate calculations, you

Hello, C + + (3) 2.1 Confessions of a C + + program

The first intimate contact with C + + for the 2nd partAfter browsing the world map of C + + "three points of the world", we have a basic understanding of C + +, which is a foot stepping into the door of C + + world. So how do we get our other foot

Point-to-Point Video Conferencing program: videonet (with source code)-http://www.chinavideo.org/index.php? Option = com_content & task = vie

Point-to-Point Video Conferencing program: videonet (including source code) Author: nagareshwar talekar 2006-10-08 Source code downloadThis program can be used for two people to perform video conferences

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