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Problems encountered in pointer learning

1. The concept of pointers In the computer, all the data is stored in the memory. In general, a byte in memory is called a memory unit, different data types occupy a number of memory units, such as the integer 2 units, the character of 1 units, etc.,

Null Pointer Vulnerability Protection Technology-Preliminary

Null Pointer Vulnerability Protection Technology-PreliminaryIn the security history, the number of vulnerabilities and attacks caused by null pointers is numerous. However, due to its requirements on the programming capability of the caller, the

[C ++ exploration journey] Part 1 Lesson 12th: a pointer to the challenge

[C ++ exploration journey] Part 1 Lesson 12th: a pointer to the challenge Introduction 1. Part 1TenthLesson 2:Who is fighting for power 2. Part 1 Lesson 13th notice: Part 1 quiz Who is fighting for power In the first part of the "C ++ exploration

The difference between pointer and reference.

From: http://blog.csdn.net/listening_music/article/details/6921608 The following is a brief introduction: Pointer-for a type T, T * is the pointer type pointing to T, that is, a T * type variable can save the address of a t object, type t can be

Smart pointer and memory reclaim

Java and C # both have the garbage collection function. After a piece of memory is allocated, the programmer can ignore it, but the garbage collection function automatically recycles it, freeing the programmer from complicated memory management.

"C + + learning" of 16, about null pointer nulls, wild pointers, universal pointer __c++

First of all, say what is a pointer, as long as you understand the meaning of the pointer, you will understand the meaning of NULL. Suppose there is a statement int a=10; The compiler then opens up 1 integer units in memory to hold the variable a,

Constant pointer, pointer constant, pointer constant pointing to constant

The three nouns, though very raozui, are very accurate. The semantic analysis of Chinese language can easily separate the three conceptual areas.A) constant pointer.Constants are adjectives, pointers are nouns, and pointers are the center of a

The difference between a constant pointer and a pointer constant (reprint)

Three nouns, though very raozui, are very accurate. The semantic analysis of Chinese words can easily separate three concept areas. one) constant pointer. A constant is an adjective, and a pointer is a noun, a biased structure phrase centered on

C language-pointer, C language pointer

C language-pointer, C language pointerNo pointer, not free ------------------------------ 1 -- why use pointer1.1 Basic concepts of pointers1.2 advantages of using pointers1.3 storage of Variables-- 2 -- pointer variable 2.1 pointer variable2.2

Explanation of C language hollow pointer, NULL pointer constant, and NULL 0

What is a null pointer constant (null pointer constant )? [] An integer constant expression with the value 0, or such an expression cast to type void *, is called a null pointer constant. Here we will tell you: 0, 0L, '\ 0', 3-3, 0*17

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