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Pointer array vs array pointer pointer function vs function pointer

In distinguishing these important concepts, let's first review the three values of C in the previous one, because the three values of the address is the same, so there are often rumors that they are the first element of the address. This argument is

#运算符, different pointer types, arrays and pointers, pointer operations, heaps, stacks, static extents, read-only, subscript vs pointers

#运算符: Used to convert macro parameters to strings during the precompilation period#define Convers (x) #x//NOTE: Double quotation marks are not included.Different types of pointers occupy the same amount of memory space.Local variable definition:A[5];

Annoying function pointer (2), annoying function pointer

Annoying function pointer (2), annoying function pointer Link: http://www.cnblogs.com/AnnieKim/archive/2011/12/04/2275589.html I have previously written an annoying function pointer (I), which summarizes the declaration, definition, and call of

C ++ memory management 5 (array vs pointer)

In C ++/C Programs, pointers and arrays can be replaced with each other in many places, which leads to the illusion that the two are equivalent. But there are essential differences between the two:Array: either created in a static storage area (such

Be a pointer and an array of C + + Masters

Pointer PreliminaryDefine a pointer variable: int * a=NULL; int is the type of pointer, which is actually the type of data that the pointer points to.When the program runs, the data is placed in memory, and since it is in memory somewhere in memory,

Pointer and reference in C ++

Original article link Pointers and references are quite different in form, but they all seem to have the same functionality and can directly reference objects and perform direct operations on them. But when should I use pointers? When can I use

29th lesson pointer and array analysis (bottom)

1. How arrays are accessed(1) Accessing The elements in the array as subscripts: a[i];(2) To access elements in the array as pointers : * (a+i)2. subscript form VS pointer form(1) When moving in an array with fixed increments in the form of

[CPP] character array, character pointer, sizeof, strlen Summary

For character arrays and character pointers: 1. if it appears as a string, the compiler will automatically add a 0 to the string as the Terminator. For example, if you write "ABC" in the Code, the compiler will help you store "ABC \ 0 ". 2. The

Array copy, array function, stack and queue for simulating data structure by array function, meaning of callback, sorting

1. Copying of arraysPointer-pointing problem when copying an array.When the array is copied, the position of the pointer is copied "This copy is exactly the same"However, if the pointer to the copied array is illegal, the position where the new

Considerations when "pointer" as "function parameter" in C language

Considerations When "pointer" as "function parameter" in C language In C, pointers are one of the most difficult points of knowledge to grasp, however, in the ordinary textbooks will be more detailed to explain the pointer, if you want to learn

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