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Powerful Tool for code generation-What is ncodegenerate? Powerful Tool for code generation-What is ncodegenerate? Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (1) code generation tool for traversing all tables in the database-ncodeg

Ncodegenerate is a razor syntax based on the. NET platform.CodeGenerate a tool. Main features: 1. Use razor and C. 2. syntax highlighting prompt, which is automatically folded. 2. Enter a smart prompt. The @ model syntax smart prompt is supported. 3. The parameter model is directly customized using the C # class. 4. Supports multiple databases (currently MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle), and supports expansion of write plug-ins. 5. Support

Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) traverse all the table code generation tools in the database-What is NCodeGenerate? Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) traverse all table generations in the database

)] is the selector that defines calling the database table in the attribute settings. Lines 30-36 in the same Code define the attributes of a database. Enter the following content in the Code: 1 @model DynamicCodeGenerate.myModel 2 @{ 3 foreach(var item in Model.DataBase.Tables){ 4 @:TableName:@item.Name 5 foreach(var itemcolumn in item.Columns) 6 { 7 @:Column:@itemcolumn.Name 8 } 9 }10 11 12 13 } Explanation:

Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (2) NCodeGenerate is one of the common code generation tools-What is NCodeGenerate? Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) times

following code 1 @AssemblyFile .\ConvertHelper1.cs2 Okay, the climax is coming. Check the Code in line 2: Use the @ AssemblyFile command to introduce the CS file generated in one step. The following is the relative path of the file. Note that only relative paths are allowed, and absolute paths are not allowed. Okay, now let's look at the 5th lines of code. What do you see after @ ConvertHelp1? Are there any smart prompts? Nothing ?!. What's wrong?

Powerful Tool for code generation-NCodeGenerate tutorial (7) uncover the secrets of debugging functions powerful tool for code generation-What is NCodeGenerate? Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) traverse all

. DBSchema document, which is connected in the following document. Attached: NCodeGenerate.zip Document: Document NCodeGenerate series of articles:I. What is NCodeGenerate? Ii. Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) traverse all tables in the database III. Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (2) code Generat

Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (6) ntrace output code generation tool-What is ncodegenerate? Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (1) traverse

Ncodegenerate asCodeGenerate tool. You can edit templates, check syntax, and execute template generation code. If there is no logical error in the template, there is no problem in the whole process. But who can ensure there is no error in the written template? Can you? I cannot.ProgramDevelopers know that code debugging takes much longer than code writing during development. Okay, ncodegenerate provides the debugging function. Today, we will briefly t

Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (4) CodeSmith template Conversion Tool-What is NCodeGenerate? Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) traverse Databases

CodeSmith is one of the most widely used tools in code generation and has rich template resources and users. Many of my friends used CodeSmith and there are many ready-made templates. NCodeGenerate provides a template Conversion Tool from CodeSmith to NCodeGenerate. It makes it easier for users to switch from CodeSmith to NCodeGenerate. Next we will introduce it. Open the tool menu> CodeSmith Conversion      In the window above, select the file to be

Use angularjs to develop next-generation web applications (2): angularjs application skeleton (1) and angularjs next-generation

Use angularjs to develop next-generation web applications (2): angularjs application skeleton (1) and angularjs next-generation 1. Call angularjs 1> load angularjs Library It can be loaded from google's CDN (content delivery network) to get fast, and it can cache script libr

Qrcode QR code generation scheme and its application in logo-based QR code generation (1)

Abstract:Many companies often add their logo to the QR code for commercial purposes. However, if the logo block area is large enough, the QR code Becomes unrecognizable. Is there a way to "empty" the above area in advance (to specifically place the logo), while other areas are dedicated to placing the valid data of the QR code? -- This is the question to be discussed in this article. This article focuses on the advanced application and improvement of QR codes. The main idea isImprove the QR code

Linux so library generation (1), linuxso library generation

Linux so library generation (1), linuxso library generation Dear! Post a public version first. I hope to understand it word by word. It is helpful! $ Gcc-shared-Wl,-soname, libhello. so.1-o libhello. so.1.0 hello. o create two symbolic connections: $ ln-s libhello. so.1.0 libhello. so.

[Matlab] Algorithm Craftsman video 1: Digital signal processing simulation and realization the first signal source generation and filtering 1, 2

Need to cooperate with teaching video to eat:% Cheerful Versionhttps://www.bilibili.com/video/av17343551https://www.bilibili.com/video/av17707835% Serious versionhttps://www.bilibili.com/video/av16683579Course-Related code:The generation and filtering of the 1% firdesign.m% author: the author of the copy is the UP master. % June 3, 2018 18:12:35clear; Close all;clc;fc1 = 10;FC2 = 100;FC3 = 450; % of t

Second-generation ID card copy (photo on front and back of mobile phone generated 1:1 copy image)

Tag: JPG BSP exit blank MOS version Image height widthJuly 28, 20171, support text watermark;2, optimize the program, fix the bug;3, upgrade version is 1.1.July 17, 20171, the second generation of identity * Card Front (white button), Reverse (blue button) after shooting, exit the app automatically generate A4 paper size white bottom picture, can be directly full-page printing, to achieve and real identity * card

How to transform networks to meet the next generation network (1)

1 Introduction Telecom operators around the world are facing tremendous pressure from the constant technological innovation and the constant pursuit of communication methods by users. In particular, the profit of the traditional main business PSTN of fixed network operators is declining year by year. On the one hand, the free services of instant communication, P2P voice and streaming media such as MSN on the Internet have greatly attracted the attenti

"Cs229-lecture5" Generation Learning algorithm: 1) Gaussian discriminant analysis (GDA); 2) Naive Bayes (NB)

Reference: cs229 Handout Machine Learning (a): Generating learning algorithms generative Learning Algorithms : http://www.cnblogs.com/zjgtan/ archive/2013/06/08/3127490.html First, a simple comparison of the discriminant Learning algorithm (discriminative learning algorithm) and the Generation Learning algorithm (generative Learning algorithm) mentioned in the previous lesson the difference.Eg: problem: Consider a classi?

1. MyEclipse plug-in configuration and JPA code corresponding to the MyEclipse generation table

 Remove MyEclipse the way to plug-ins is to open: Window à Customize Perspective window for plug-in configuration: Remove the infrequently used plug-in tick, and finally click OK. 3 , click OK The following are displayed:There is less content in the Discovery box.Second, MyEclipse generated through the database in HBM the way to file:1 : Click below:When clicked, it appears: Create a new Web Project webprojectt

Data dictionary generation tool journey (1): helpful for Generating tools

Data dictionary generation tool journey (1): helpful for Generating tools Recently, we found a very low efficiency when doing our company's demand. When creating a table, we need to use our own modeling tools to create a table, copying and pasting a field is unacceptable. So I developed a tool to solve this inefficiency. As the opening part, we will preview the entire overview of the tool! Reading director

Php Chinese character verification code generation program (1/3) _ PHP Tutorial

; fontfile, $ this-> code [2]);$ This-> image = imagerotate ($ this-> image, $ degrees [2], $ back );Imagecolortransparent ($ this-> image, $ back );Imagecopymerge ($ this-> validate, $ this-> image, 41, 4, 4, 5, imagesx ($ this-> image)-10, imagesy ($ this-> image)-10,100 ); $ This-> image = imagecreatetruecolor ($ size, $ size );Imagefilledrectangle ($ this-> image, 0, 0, $ size-1, $ size-1, $ back );Imag

Ybsoftwarefactory code generation plug-in for secondary development [1]: overview

Ybsoftwarefactory is a software developed using. net.CodeThe intelligent and quick generation platform allows you to easily and quickly generate anyProgramming Language, Any type of applicationProgramCode. The latest version 2.0 supports plug-in development. You can perform secondary development based on your needs to generate any code that fully meets your needs. This series describes how to use ybsoftwarefactory 2.0 to develop a set of code

Mysoft. Data from entry to master series (1) [entity generation]

I learned from the garden that many of my friends know what mysoft is, but do not know where to start development. Mysoft is relatively complicated for a person who just understands it, but should be said to be very flexible after being familiar with it. Next, we will teach you how to use mysoft. Data.ProgramLet's go! 1. First, download all DLL libraries and generation tools required for mysoft. Da

Analysis on the competitive landscape of IBM, HP and Sun's new generation minicomputers (1)

A minicomputer Small Computer) often gives a very high sense. In fact, from the development history of computing, Minicomputers are indeed more qualified, and the operating systems and processors used are also more advanced, so minicomputers have another name-UNIX server. This year is a big year for minicomputers, also known as UNIX servers. This is because the traditional minicomputers, IBM and HP, have launched a new generation of products this year

Automated generation system for individual webpages (1) _ PHP Tutorial

Automatic generation system for individual webpages (1 ). Before you create your personal homepage using the system, I believe that you have configured the relevant Apache Server, MYSQL database, and php. Start your mysql database. when you want to use the system to create your personal homepage, I believe that you have configured the relevant Apache Server, MYSQL database, and php. Start your mysql databas

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