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Moss SDK Learning (8): manually create a moss site

In the moss management interface, we can easily create a website. However, in some cases, dynamic, Program Create a website. This article demonstrates how to use winform on the client to create a moss website. The main functions are as follows: 1. Use a specific template to create a website 2. assign a super administrator to the new website 3. Activate a feature when creating a website 4. Add a link to the

Single sign-on configuration for Moss 2010

The single point of entry in Moss is that the account and password of a system that requires a single sign-on integration is stored in MOSS through encryption in the Moss system, and the account and password are decrypted through the middle page at the time of landing, and then post to other systems to complete the landing, Of course, if the subsystem has a bette

Integration of moss and non-Moss systems-Logon Problems

In a new project, the customer requested to log on to Moss from a system using form authentication, but the user name and password cannot be entered; currently, the customer's environment has a form authentication system. Moss is newly installed in a domain, but the form authentication system is not in the domain, so there is a problem of user synchronization between two systems? This is not the topic of to

Moss information management policy customization (MOSS policm policies)

Moss introduces information management policies. By attaching some policies to the document library or list, you can implement some automated functions, such as automatically tagging documents, forcing document review, and enabling document expiration, even Insert a barcode when the user prints the document. Is it difficult? How is this useful feature implemented? There are two types of information management policies: Real-Time and scheduled.

Moss Series II (MOSS installation) [Post]

To use moss2007, you must install SQL server2005 and moss2007 in the Active Directory. If you only deploy the moss server, you must install all the relevant tools.Most Moss program demos are installed on Virtual Machine software vendors. It should be noted that if you need to deploy it in a formal production environment or develop it yourself, we strongly recommend that you install it on your computer inste

Moss SDK Learning (2)-operate the navigation bar in Moss

This example is very simple. It mainly demonstrates how to use the SDK to operate the navigation bar in Moss, that is, the link on the left of moss ,: This example shows how to display the links in moss in winform and add some links. Demo Effect The main method is as follows: Get all navigation links under the sub-Website: String _ mosssite = "http: // local

Moss drip (3): Talking about master pages in Moss

There are two types of pages in Moss: Site pages and application pages, which use different master pages, and site pages use the Default.master, application pages use the Application.master. The main focus of our discussion here is Default.master, because Application.master is not supported by customization. Default.master the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\template\global\ directory in the installation dire

MOSS learning experience (1) Configure MOSS from start to end

Configure MOSS according to instructor fatbird. My machine environment is a computer with Active Directory and SQL2005 installed. The following describes the procedure: 1. First install MOSS, select Advanced installation, and select "complete" to install all MOSS components. 2. Go to the configuration center. Because I have created a new

SharePoint 2007 Department Process Detail diagram (next)-Deploy MOSS 2007

Configuring SharePoint is a more professional and complex process, especially early SPS2003, which is cumbersome to configure. Now the new MOSS 2007 has made some improvements: with the step-by-step hints of the Configuration Wizard, you can easily set up some basic information about SharePoint, and with the improved SharePoint Central Administration, you can quickly navigate to the configuration page you want to use. We specifically look at: Six, C

Moss drip (2): Custom application Page

The pages that are managed in the background in Moss are application page, such as the Web Site Settings page (settings.aspx), which is a typical application page that cannot be customized by SharePoint Desiger. If we want to modify only manual use of other tools to modify, we can also add application Page, must be placed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS directory, it corresponds to a virtual

Moss learning direction (I added a book for development)

I saw a very good article about Moss resources on the Internet, which was cited by the way. I have collected a lot of Chinese time today, And someone is asking about Moss's learning direction, by the way, let's talk about my Moss learning experience (experienced guys can share it with me ~~~), But I want to declare that all I have learned is about the system architecture, that is, it pro. The first is the

Use Standford Moss code to check the system in the PHP project, standfordmoss

Use Standford Moss code to check the system in the PHP project, standfordmoss Standford Moss is a well-known code re-checking system of Stanford University. It can identify the students who submitted the code and copied the code to reject the submitted results. It is open to anyone who wants to use the system. How can I use it in a PHP project? Download Moss

PHP implementation of the text-based Moss code generator _php Tutorial

PHP implementation of the text-based Moss code generator Introduced I recently encountered a requirement to generate Morse code audio files based on input text. After a few searches, I decided to write a generator myself. Download source Codes –2.63 KB Because I wanted to access my Morse code audio files through the web, I decided to use PHP as my main programming language. The above shows a webpage that starts to generate

One of moss application scenarios-http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/sharepoint/worldwide/cn/IW/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.a

Body Questions raised to customers What can we do with Moss? How does your company manage documents now? Moss provides a complete web-based document management platform and out-of-the-box document management functions, and seamless integration with office client programs. In this regard, Moss can be

Using Standford Moss code to check the system in PHP projects

Standford Moss System is the Stanford University's famous code-checking system, it can find out which classmates submitted the code is copied others, so that the results are rejected. It's open to everyone who wants to use the system, so how do you use it in PHP projects? Download MOSS php file moss.php You can access Https://github.com/Phhere/MOSS-P

"Stsadm" command for moss backup and Restoration

Recently I want to migrate Moss data. I tried the backup/restoration provided by moss. After the restoration, it seems that the website set cannot be restored. Sometimes the restoration will fail, Therefore, I found a better backup/restoration mode for stsadm on Google. The specific summary is as follows: The stsadm.exe command is in the directory % systemdriver % \ Program Files \ common files \ microsoft

Major forums [series of good Moss articles]

[Winos] 1. Use the moss document library to create an online MP3 player (Part 1)-Sharepoint Server-winos Chinese Technology Forum Microsoft Windows platform it pro technology community; 2. Use the moss document library to create an online MP3 player (part 2) of the cottage version-Sharepoint Server-winos Chinese Technology Forum Microsoft Windows platform it pro technology community; 3. Change the database

Event 27745 and 6398 in Event Viewer on Moss

Event 27745 means a database connection error, but it does not necessarily mean a serious problem. Generally, there are two types of database connection errors: Harmless ================ Usually occurs when the moss server is idle. if the moss server has a long idle time, the existing database connection will be disconnected. however, the moss timer

Moss field editing permission control solution (2)-add management link

This series Article I haven't finished it all the time. Some friends are very interested in Moss field permission control and decided to continue writing. You can read the previous articles: Codeart wss3.0 (MOSS) Field editing permission control solution (V1.0) Codeart wss3.0 (MOSS) Field editing permission control solution implementation-Summary Implementation

Summary of problems during Moss RMS Integration

This problem occurs when many people integrate Moss RMS. This log will write down the problems and solutions I have encountered. The most likely cause is that 1. The required windows rights management client exists, but the server has rejected access. Before the server is granted permissions, the system does not run. XXXX mname $ domain.com xxxx This error is caused by permission settings. In AD, add the moss

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