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Avoid five data security risks

If the enterprise thinks its data store is very safe, then it is a big mistake. At present, the problem of enterprise data leakage is very prominent, here we introduce five kinds of common data security risk, and give the suggestion of avoiding risk. Let's think about one question: What is the biggest security threat to corporate data? If your answer is a hacker attack or an IT staff violation, that's not exactly true. Indeed, the hacker's malicious attack can always arouse people's high attent

It industry has some weakness in cloud security

According to a survey by the Ponemon Institute, Two-thirds of respondents found it more difficult to protect sensitive data in the cloud.A survey by the Ponemon Institute commissioned by SafeNet said: Most organizations are confused about how to protect sensitive and confidential data in the cloud.Nearly three-fourths (71%) of IT experts believe today's cloud computing is important, with three-fourths (78%)

View information security from the dark screen of a detective

by "moles", it may be related to the image of State organs and the survival of enterprises. According to a survey on the cost of default published by the Ponemon Research Institute, ignoring internal personnel is the primary cause of data damage, it accounts for 39% of US defaults. Zecurion's statistics show that more than 70% of the information security threats come from within the company. Top employees who have access to confidential information,

The report said that nearly of users have accepted cloud storage, but the security situation is worrying.

According to a report released today by the ponemon Institute, most companies are actively moving towards cloud computing, even in the absence of effective security protection, transfers confidential or sensitive data to the cloud.The report pointed out that the transfer speed of enterprises to cloud computing far exceeds the carrying capacity of the enterprise's cloud security environment. According to the survey, most respondents said they had uploa

Large data security: The evolution of the Hadoop security model

The security and protection of sensitive information is one of the most popular concerns today. In the age of large data, many organizations collect data from various sources, analyze them, and make decisions based on analysis of massive datasets, so security issues in this process become increasingly important. At the same time, laws and regulations such as HIPAA and other privacy laws require organizations to tighten access control and privacy restrictions on these datasets. The increase in ne

Vista EFS and BitLocker DS

down all visa and Amex cards ' accounts. With the introduction or imminent introduction of various data security-related laws are gradually recognized by enterprises, any enterprise if they want to retain their customers, it is necessary to protect data security as much as possible. The Ponemon Society's survey shows that after a second loss of data, an enterprise will have a significant customer churn, and after a third loss of data, customers will

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