pop3 server name

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POP3 protocol specification (Chinese Version)

POP3 Post Office Protocol-Version 3 1. Introduction For small nodes on the network, it is impractical to support the message transmission system (MTS. For example, a workstation may not have sufficient resources to allow the SMTP server and a

Java Mail---SMTP, POP3 protocol-dos Manual Email presentation Process

Reprint Please specify source: http://blog.csdn.net/qq_26525215This article is from the "university trip _ Remember the blog" Introduction to e-mail protocol:Mail server, according to the type of service provided, can be divided into the server

Winsock POP3 tutorial (1)

Learn about POP3 POP3 IntroductionPOP3 is short for Post Office Protocol-version 3. This Protocol is currently used by most email programs, the email client can log on to the email server to receive emails. POP3 is an offline Model Protocol. After

POP3 Protocol Analysis

http://blog.csdn.net/bripengandre/article/details/2192111 POP3 Protocol Analysis     1th Chapter. POP3 Overview POP3 is all called the Post office Protocol Version3, the Post Office Protocol version 3rd. It is used by the user agent to get mail from

POP3 protocol analysis

POP3 protocol analysisChapter 4. POP3 Overview POP3 is called Post Office Protocol version3, that is, Post Office Protocol version 3rd. It is used by the user agent to obtain the mail on the mail server. POP3 uses the C/S communication model, and

User Experience Design Example: NetEase mailbox Open POP3

When people are full, they have to do something and think something. NetEase, billed as China's largest free mailbox provider, began a campaign called "Pop3,imap" to open the door and remove the ads at the bottom of the mail. For POP3 I have always

Exchange 2013 SP1 deployment Series 14: configure the Client Access Protocol (IMAP & POP3)

When Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is installed, POP3 client connection is not enabled. To enable POP3 client connection, you must start two POP3 services: Microsoft Exchange POP3 service and Microsoft Exchange POP3 Backend service. After POP3 is

Set up a high-capacity POP3 POP3 server

Set up a high-capacity POP3 POP3 server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. I. Overview This article describes how to use the open source software Procmail and Qpopper to

Use Win2003 to set up mail server graphics and text detailed _ server other

We can actually set up a small mail server to meet our needs through the POP3 service and SMTP service provided by Windows Server 2003.   First, install POP3 and SMTP service components Windows Server 2003 does not have the POP3 and SMTP service

POP3 protocol command source code and working principle

The offline model of the DownloadFilesS structure has been developed to the third edition, POP3. Offline models cannot be operated online, unlike IMAP4 (netscape supports IMAP4) 2. when the client connects to the server and queries new emails, all

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