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jquery Click Popup--Mask effect--Popup box

Some time ago want to do a direct re-page to do a popup box to do the modification and new features, check a lot of charges, and over and over finally found a good effect on the RUNJS, a repair can be used, thanks to Daniel's sharingHTML Source: jquery Click Popup--Mask effect--Pop

Executes two times for the jquery binding click event, the layer popup, and the IMG's Map attribute application.

Shortly before using jquery and layer to implement a pop-up box, found in the binding popup event, the event executed two times, accurate is the method at the same time registered two times, not in succession performed two times, resulting in pop-up box two times. Consult colleagues, found that the reason may be jquery js and layer of JS conflict (specific reason

jquery Click Blank to close the popup layer

Add the Click event to the chest and the toggle pop-up layer is displayed and hidden, and the pop-up layer is displayed so that it can be turned off anywhere.Here the one () instruction is used to bind a single operation to the body, and the jquery code is as follows:$ (' #info li:eq (0) '). Click (function () { $ (' #iphone '). Toggle (); $ (' body '). One

Jquery Click on the image to display a large image in the popup layer

http://blog.csdn.net/wongwaidah/article/details/28432427(case link source, I just reprint collection) Jquery Click on the image to display a larger image in the popup layer

jquery Click anywhere outside the pop-up layer itself to close the popup layer

/*** pop-up layer effect ***/$ (". Header"). Find (". a5"). Click (function (e) {E.stoppropagation ();//Stop bubbling$ ('. Mask '). CSS ("Display", "block");})$ (document). Click (function () {if ($ ('. Mask '). CSS ("Display", "block") {$ ('. Mask '). CSS ("display", "none");}});$ ('. Wrap '). Click (function (e) {This is the style of the

jquery Click outside the pop-up window, close the popup window

jquery Click outside the pop-up window to close the pop-up windowMethod One:$ (document). Click (Function (event) { var _con = $ (". Select3_box"); if (!_con.is (event.target) (_con.has (event.target). Length ===0)) { _con.remove (); $ (mythis). Show (); }});Method Two:$ (document). Click (Funct

Popup box-based bootstrap and jquery custom Popup

); }); } } }; }, Dialog:function(options) {Options=$.extend ({}, {title:' Title ', URL:‘‘, Width:800, Height:550, Onready:function() {}, Onshown:function(e) {}}, Options|| {}); varModalid =Generateid (); varContent = Dialogdhtml.replace (Reg,function(node, key) {return{id:modalid, Title:options.title}[key]; }); $(' Body '). append (content); vartarget = $ (' # ' +modalid); Target.find ('. Modal-body '). Load (Opti

Click the DataGrid pop-up Ldhdialog, click the popup button, close and refresh the DataGrid

The JS in the DataGrid says so.Click the Add button to triggerfunction Superadd (title,addurl,gname,width,height) {Gridname=gname;CreateWindow (title, addurl,width,height); }Click the Modify button to triggerfunction Superupdate (Title,url, id,width,height,isrestful) {Gridname=id;var rowsdata = $ (' # ' +id). DataGrid (' Getselections ');if (!rowsdata | | rowsdata.length==0) {Tip (' Please select Edit Item ');Return}if (rowsdata.length>1) {Tip (' P

Face mask popup is not an unfamiliar topic, the method of implementation is very different, today with jquery implementation page Mask Popup

Page Mask Popup is the most common case, today with jquery implementation Page Mask popup, the main use of technology has JQUERY,CSS and HTML, The HTML code is as follows: Copy the Code code as follows: The CSS code is as follows: Copy the Code code as follows: Body {Font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;font-size:

Click anywhere else on the page to close the popup layer

Html:Html>Html>Head>Metacharset="UTF-8" >title>Title>Style> #div { BackgroundRed Width100px Height100px DisplayNone}Style>ScriptType="Text/javascript"Src="Js/jquery-3.0.0.min.js" >Script>ScriptType="Text/javascript" >$(function () { VarOdiv= $("#div") [0]; VarObtn= $("#btn") [0];Document.onclick= function (EV) { VarE=Ev|| Event VarTarget=E.target||E.srcelement; if (E.target.id!=' Div ')Event Object{ Odiv.Style.display="None";}} Obtn.OnClick= function

MFC Right-click popup menu and add response function

Problems encountered: Add a right-click popup menu and add a response function, click the menu item but go into the unresponsive function. Implementation steps:1, create a new menu resource, Idr_tool_menu. 2, in the ClassWizard void Cdlgtool::onrbuttonup (UINT nflags, CPoint Point){ CMenu menu; Define the CMenu object to be used belowMenu. LoadMenu (Idr_tool_menu

MFC Right-click popup menu

The right-click Pop-up menu refers to the menu that pops up when the right button is lifted. Usually placed in the Onrbuttonup response function of dialog.An example of a right-click popup menu is given below:1 Adding right-click events and Response functionsYou can use the class Wizard ... To add a right-

Notebook Win10 trackpad cannot double-click Popup shortcut menu how to solve

now more and more friends using notebooks, friends will appear in the use of the newly upgraded WIN10 system notebook, you want to double-click the trackpad to open the shortcut menu, but after double-click does not pop up the shortcut menu, and nothing happens. What is going on with this problem? Here we introduce the notebook Win10 trackpad can not double-click

JS Ajax Click Link Popup a div layer window

Here are some of the code captured in the actual project, if you want to download it directly, you can click here to click on the text to pop up a div layer window code.HTML codeJS and Ajax CodeThe interface to be introduced by the pop-up layer Knowledge Points:1.Opacity set the transparency of the element, all browsers support the Opacity propertyA.-moz-opacity:0.8;//in Gecko engine-based browsing (Firefox

iOS Development--click the Uitextfield popup Uidatepicker protocol implementation method

(Self.datePicker.superview = = nil) {//close all keyboard or data pick Er visible currently [Self.testnamefield Resignfirstresponder]; [Self.testlocationfield Resignfirstresponder]; [Self.testotherfield Resignfirstresponder]; The Y coordinate is located at the bottom, for an animated display self.datePicker.frame = CGRectMake (0, Screen_height, screen_width, 216); [Self.view AddSubview:self.datePicker]; [UIView Beginanimations:nil Contex

Use a Popup object to construct a webpage, right-click a webpage, and choose menu _ Javascript tutorial.

Javascript: Use a Popup object to build a webpage right-click menu, Javascript tutorial The Code is as follows: Right-click the Popup object implementation menu

How WPF controls the popup of the right-click menu ContextMenu

Previewmouseleftbuttondown Next Pass 2 Button Previewmouseleftbuttondown Next Pass 3 Textbox Previewmouseleftbuttondown Next Pass 4 Textbox MouseLeftButtonDown Upload 5 Button MouseLeftButtonDown Upload 6 Grid MouseLeftButtonDown Upload If you click the button, the order in which the event

JS Click outside the pop-up window to close the popup window

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7D/F6/wKioL1bz3gbwAPKRAAAhC-6IP64361.png "title=" Untitled. png "alt=" Wkiol1bz3gbwapkraaahc-6ip64361.png "/>$ (' #dialog_box '). On (' click ', Function () {$ (this). Hide ();});$ (' #message_box '). On (' click ', Function (e) {e.stoppropagation (); });The principle is: block the box's Click event Bubbl

JavaScript implementation Picture Click Popup

"); BG.SetAttribute("Class", "PIC_BG"); BG.SetAttribute("onclick", "Pichook ()"); BG.style.Display = Light.style.Display; Document.getElementsByTagName("Head")[0].appendchild(CSS); Document.Body.appendchild(BG); Document.Body.appendchild(light); } /script>Save this piece of code in the head of the page, and then bind the body's onload event to the Pichook () function, and your page will also be able to click

UIView Click events. Popup view, background blur.

@interface CountryviewcontrollerBackground@property (Strong, nonatomic) UIView *backview;EndSet background blur-(UIView *) backview{if (!_backview) {_backview = [[UIView alloc]initwithframe:self.view.bounds];Bokeh of backgroundUicolor *mycolor = [Uicolor colorwithwhite:0.5 alpha:0.5];_backview.backgroundcolor = MyColor;[Self.view addsubview:self. Backview];Set in front of the current controller[Self.view bringsubviewtofront:self. Backview];Hide at the beginningSelf. Backview.hidden = YES;Add a

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