popup on button click bootstrap

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Popup box-based bootstrap and jquery custom Popup

); }); } } }; }, Dialog:function(options) {Options=$.extend ({}, {title:' Title ', URL:‘‘, Width:800, Height:550, Onready:function() {}, Onshown:function(e) {}}, Options|| {}); varModalid =Generateid (); varContent = Dialogdhtml.replace (Reg,function(node, key) {return{id:modalid, Title:options.title}[key]; }); $(' Body '). append (content); vartarget = $ (' # ' +modalid); Target.find ('. Modal-body '). Load (Opti

Bootstrap Learning Note JS Plugin (one)-modal popup box

large popup box;. model-sm for small pop-up boxThird, two ways to trigger modal popup box3.1 Trigger with Data-target"Button"data-toggle="modal"data-target="#mymodal" class="btn Btn-primary"> Click I will pop-up the modal popup class="Modal Fade"Id="Mymodal"> class="Modal-dialog"> class="modal-content"> Note the follo

Bootstrap Popup box and warning box plugin

A Pop-up boxA popup box that clicks on an element pops up a container containing the title and content.Basic usageclass= "btn btn-lg btn-danger" type= "button" Data-toggle= "PopOver" title= "pop-up box" data-content= " This is a popup box plugin "> Click the popup/Hide

Bootstrap introduction (29) JS plugin 6: Popup box

Bootstrap introduction (29) JS plugin 6: Popup boxAdd small coverage content, like on ipad, for storing non-primary informationThe popup is dependent on the ToolTip plug-in, and it is the same as the ToolTip, which needs to be initialized before it can be used.First we introduce CSS files and JS files href= "Bootstrap.min.css" rel= "stylesheet"> sr

Beginner's use of bootstrap feel, popup box and progress bar

I just contact Bootstrap soon, feel that it is not very cool to use. Finally the reason is that I touch the front-end development less. Used to be accustomed to the Easyui, suddenly used this is not very suitable. Especially in the local refresh that aspect, after submission, do not know how to modify the large tracts of div .... These are not to be said. This is, humble people blog post, suddenly found that blogging is also a technology ... It's so h

How to modify bootstrap PopOver support mouse move to pop-up layer does not hide the popup layer

1 set the delay, more than the delay is not moved into the pop-up window, pop-up window hiddenTooltip.prototype.init = function{in thevar triggers = This.options.trigger.split (") is added afterSet Delay if (this.options.trigger.indexOf (' hover ') >-1) {$.extend (True, this.options, {delay: {hide:100}});}  2 control does not disappear codeIn Tooltip.prototype.enter = function (obj) {TheCleartimeout (Self.timeout) after joiningif (self.options.trigger.indexOf (' hover ') >-1) {self . $tip

"Serial" bootstrap development of a beautiful front-end interface of the custom right-click menu

side of the page, which is equivalent to the X coordinate};//Determine the horizontal position (PageX) + custom menu width of the sum, if more than the width of the page and overflow, need special treatment;var menuwidth = contextmenu.width (); var pagewidth = $ (document). width (); if (pagex+contextmenu.width () >pagewidth) {cssobj.left = pagewidth-menuwidth-5+ "px"; //-5 is to reserve the right side of the gap, the right side is too tight not very beautiful; } // Set the location of t

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