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General steps for sending an email in java: sending an email in java

General steps for sending an email in java: sending an email in java General steps for sending an email in java 1. Introduce the jar package of javamail:   2. Create a test class to write the content of the email to be sent to the computer to check

Email sending and receiving details

From: http://wenku.baidu.com/view/a1f729ea6294dd88d0d26b23.html  MailCollectionSendingProcess Analysis This document analyzes in detail the process of sending an email from the sender to receiving the email from the recipient, and describes the

Common Port Control detailed

Original address: http://www.moon-soft.com/download/info/2826.htm Port: 0Service: ReservedDescription: Typically used to analyze the operating system. This method works because in some systems "0" is an invalid end, you will have different results

Windows-> port description and how to enable port closure [print this page]

View the complete version: [-- Port details and how to enable and disable ports --] I went to trustnet-platinum Network Management-Internet-Software Development-> Windows-> port explanation and how to enable port

ASP. NET 2.0 email sending Comprehensive Analysis 2

I. Introduction In the previous article, we analyzed in detail ,. net Framework 2.0 provides a new namespace (system. net. mail) and some new email sending classes (Note :. net Framework 1. the namespace system provided in Version X. web. mail and

List of common error reports for Linux email servers

List of common error reports for Linux email servers-Linux Enterprise applications-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Server 400 Error Report Q: 421 Server too busy A: Unable to connect because the

Simple Example of sending an email by javamail _ from blogjava

Http://www.blogjava.net/wangfun/archive/2009/04/15/265748.html   Today, I learned about javamail. It is really troublesome to send an email to javamail. For future convenience, I wrote some code and made it into a jar package to facilitate future

SMTP-based Java email sending program!

If you encounter this problem, write it out and share it with you. This program does not use the javamail API, but directly processes the sent mail according to the requirements of the SMTP protocol. Although it is troublesome, it is helpful to

C # network programming-sending email Based on SMTP

This article mainly describes the programming of sending mail based on C # network programming. The mail sending function is based on the mail protocol. Common e-mail protocols include SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) POP3 (Post Office Protocol),

Java email development-Introduction to the basic concepts of email

Email is used to send and communicate confidence on the Internet. It is one of the most important Internet services. According to statistics, 30% of Internet businesses are email-related. At the same time, we cannot deny that it plays a very

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