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"Pharmaceutical marketing and prescription drug academic Promotion": This book can be used to understand the marketing situation of some domestic pharmaceutical companies Samsung

Just read the author's "This Doctor quit", feeling that the author is a strong insight. Bought this book with the aim of understanding the marketing situation of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises.Look at this book, feel the state of drug companies relative to the marketing concept is relatively old, the author used s

"Book-positioning" positioning of the comprehensive

In the early one months, when the holiday came back, began to pick up a new book to edify themselves.Long heard of the "positioning" of the famous, in the company's marketing department, the Ministry of Propaganda to the major PM to recommend a list of the book must be said. It takes more knowledge to arm yourself when

Google Ads free format positioning to help achieve search keyword marketing

In the age of information explosion, Internet search behavior has become the most effective means for users to find the message. At the same time, compared to ordinary network advertising, search keyword marketing through direct "response" to user needs, to achieve more accurate delivery effect. Therefore, search advertising has been favored by enterprises. According to the report, the 2008 search advertising market size of 5.03 billion, following the

Shareinstall,app marketing streamlined process, precise positioning of the weapon

fragmented point in time to open the link, and then add a verification step to reduce user interest and patience. According to Shareinstall statistics, if you do not add additional steps such as invitation code, APP installation rate in 80%~90%, compared to the previous 10% of the installation rate has been greatly improved.Shareinstall technology is the installation of source tracking technology and matching technology, the user receives the link, will leave a feature on the page, features emb

Why is this search engine marketing book selling well?

. This book tells the secrets of search engine marketing in a simple way and provides many practical suggestions, it is recommended to our audience around the world. This book is not an academic preaching, nor a boring technical discussion. It is a practical and summative guide, filled with practical success stories. I have been expecting the new version of this

"Network Marketing actual practice password" book Review Essay Award list announced

"Network Marketing actual practice password" book Review Essay Award list announced About the "Network Marketing Practice password" a book of the essay activities have been a complete success, during this period, thank the vast number of netizens enthusiastic participation, but also thank the vast number of netizens

FS Book: How To make Christmas mail marketing unique

Near the end of the year, double Dan will be to, this is undoubtedly the most suitable for marketing in one of the time, the major enterprises are beginning to carry out promotional activities, but at the same time, do not forget to greet your customers, give them real care. Focussend, the leading mail marketing service provider in China, summarizes several effective care

Marketing yourself on the Internet-and reputation book reviews

A few months ago, I read the book "Word of mouth" with a review opportunity. The network carnival effect described in this book is really fascinating, if this effect is true for your company and products on the Internet, you can get the maximum return with the minimum investment. However, we have been immersed in the world all day.ProgramPersonnel may not have the opportunity to really

Imitation Apple phone Address book by letter positioning

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