posix message queue example in c

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POSIX message queue and series functions in Linux Network Programming

I. I have introduced the knowledge about System V message queues. Now let's take a look at POSIX message queues. In fact, message queue is a place where data can be exchanged between processes. The biggest difference between the two standard message

POSIX Message Queuing

The main differences between POSIX Message Queuing and System V Message Queuing are:1. The total number of reads to the POSIX queue returns the highest priority to the oldest message, and the SV queue to read can return any specified priority

Linux IPC Practice (7)--posix Message Queuing

1. Create/Get a message queue#include / * for o_* constants */#include / * for Mode constants */#include mqd_t mq_open (const char *name, int oflag);//dedicated to opening a message queue mqd_t mq_open (const char *name, int oflag,

POSIX Thread Programming Guide (3)-Thread Synchronization

Yang Sha ZhouOctober 2001 This is a column about POSIX thread programming. On the basis of clarifying the concept, the author will detail the POSIX thread library API. This is the third article to introduce thread synchronization. I. mutex

POSIX Threading Programming Guide (3)

This is a column about POSIX threading programming. Based on the clarification of the concept, the author will give you a detailed account of the POSIX line libraries API. This article is the third article that will tell you about thread

POSIX Thread Programming Guide (3)

Mutex lock Although the IPC semaphore mechanism can also be used in POSIX thread to implement mutex functions, the semphore function is obviously too powerful, the POSIX thread defines another set of mutex functions for thread synchronization. 1.

POSIX thread details 3

Use conditional variables to improve efficiency This article is the last part of the POSIX thread trilogy series. Daniel will discuss in detail how to use conditional variables. The condition variable is a POSIX thread structure that enables you to "

POSIX thread details, part 1

Detailed description of condition Variables At the end of the previous article, I described a special problem: If the thread is waiting for a specific condition to happen, how should it handle this situation? It can repeatedly lock and unlock mutex

A bloodcase triggered by a lockless Message Queue (6) -- The Art of RingQueue (medium) sleep [continued], queue ringqueue

A bloodcase triggered by a lockless Message Queue (6) -- The Art of RingQueue (medium) sleep [continued], queue ringqueueDirectory (1) cause (2) mixed spin lock (3) q3.h and RingBuffer (4) RingQueue (top) spin lock (5) RingQueue (middle) sleep Art (6

Chromium on android:android in the system Chromium in order to implement the main message loop analysis

Summary: Just start touching a chromium on Android time. It's curious how the Chromium master message loop integrates with Android apps.For Android program, once started, the main thread will have the Java message layer to cycle through system

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