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WordPress set Post Type custom article types example tutorial, wordpress instance Tutorial _php Tutorial

WordPress set Post Type custom article types example tutorial, wordpress instance Tutorial What is a custom post?Don't take it for granted that the post here is just a blog post, it's just a surrogate word for an article class, and you can even

Differences between HTTP protocol and post and get Operations & How to Use post and get in C #

Good articles... Inniu ~ (Partition _ tables)   Http://   Introduction I think anyone who is familiar with the HTTP protocol can give a reason. But if I ask you what HTTP request methods are

The difference between an HTTP post and a Get

One principle Difference Generally in the browser to enter the URL access resources are through the get way, in form submission, you can specify the way to submit by using method for Get or post, the default is to submit HTTP defines different

Post and getget and post differences and usage

From: postdifferentiate and use Many people cannot tell the difference between get and post, and when to use get? When to use post?Both get and post Methods send data to the server, but

Setting post type custom article types in wordpress tutorial _php instance

What is a custom post?don't take it for granted that post is just a blog article, it is just an article class agent Word, even you can think it is content.The custom model is not a very standard what rules, the article model can be any one of the

Summary of differences between post and get

 Difference between post and get   Isn't there a large string in the post address bar? Something like bjnghfgreygtIf it is get, it will appear1. The get method uses a URL request to transmit user data. Each field name and its content in the

Get and post [summary] (example: Passing values from a.html to B. aspx)

1. In form, you can use post or get. They are all valid values of method. However, the post and get methods are at least two different in use:1. The get method transmits user input through URL requests. The post method is in another form.2. You need

The difference between get and post methods in form submission

The difference between get and post in a form submission is 5 points 1.get is the data retrieved from the server, and post is the data that is sent to the server. 2.get is to add the parameter data queue to the URL that the Action property of the

Two methods of HTTP request: Get and POST

two methods of HTTP request: Get and POST The two most commonly used methods for request-response between the client and the server are: Get and POST. Get-requests data from a specified resource. POST-submits the data to be processed to the

Description of Get and post in Ajax and how to use and distinguish _javascript skills

Before how careful study of Ajax, just use it directly to use, found the problem to find a solution. Here's a little summary of what I'm looking for in the process of solving the problem. A. Talking about the difference between get and post of

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