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Winform uses Post to open IE, and winformpost to open ie

Winform uses Post to open IE, and winformpost to open ie 1. Main Implementation Code 1 void OpenNewIe (string url, string postData) // The url is the url for post and postData is the parameter 2 {3 if (ie! = Null) // avoid opening the ie Object

"Reprint" has the layout IE haslayout

We know that browsers have bugs, and Le on Windows seems to have more bugs than most browsers. One of the reasons Ie/win's clothing is different from other browsers is that the display engine uses an internal concept called layout. Since the cloth

Introduction to several methods for implementing interaction with IE browser

---- 1. Introduction ---- How to perform operations on objects in IE browser is very practical. Through DLL bound to IE, we can record the order of Web Pages browsed by IE, analyzes users' usage behaviors and modes. We can filter and translate the

WebBrowser script error reason and Web Browser Control & specifying the IE Version

  recently wanted to use the  webbrowser control to write a program to visit China Southern power grid, in order to inquire about the power outage plan of the various outlets information, but found that the script error, resulting in no normal

Winform uses Post to open IE

Winform uses Post to open IE1. Mainly implement Code 1 void OpenNewIe (string url, string postData) // url is the url to post, and postData is the parameter to be passed in 2 {3 if (ie! = Null) // avoid opening the ie Object repeatedly without

Differences between HTTP protocol and post and get Operations & How to Use post and get in C #

Good articles... Inniu ~ (Partition _ tables)   Http://   Introduction I think anyone who is familiar with the HTTP protocol can give a reason. But if I ask you what HTTP request methods are

Post commit data of jquery ajax garbled by chrome and ie

We found that jquery ajax is used today. when submitting the post data, we will find that the data in ff is normal. However, in chrome and IE browsers, all the previous post data is garbled, and most of the garbled characters are Encoding Problems,

jquery Ajax post submission data chrome and IE garbled

In the use of jquery processing HTML5 application, has been under the Firefox test is normal, users use pad to visit when said there are garbled,I tried it. Sure enough, after the discovery of chrome and IE kernel is the problem, this problem set

Ie technology bho c # IE Plug-in

There are few such articles, especially those of the IE Plug-in type. Most of them are webbrowser, but some of them are reposted on the Internet! Other connections are provided! Use C # To create an ie bho hook and obtain the form Password To

The difference between get and post methods in form submission

The difference between get and post in a form submission is 5 points 1.get is the data retrieved from the server, and post is the data that is sent to the server. 2.get is to add the parameter data queue to the URL that the Action property of the

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