post office protocol version 3

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POP3 Post Office Protocol-version 3

1. Introduction For smaller nodes on the network, it is impractical to support message transfer systems (MTS). For example, a workstation may not have sufficient resources to allow the SMTP server and equivalent local messaging system to stay in

POP3 Post Office Protocol commands

  POP3 is called Post Office Protocol version3, that is, Post Office Protocol version 3rd. It is used by the user agent to obtain the mail on the mail server. POP3 uses the C/S communication model, and the corresponding RFC document is RFC1939. This

"Go" TCP/IP protocol stack and OSI reference Model detailed

OSI Reference ModelOSI RM: Open Systems Interconnect Reference Model (open Systeminterconnection Reference Model)The OSI Reference model has the following advantages: Simplifies the related network operation; Provide

TCP/IP Computer network protocol

Application layer: (Typical device: application, such as FTP,SMTP, HTTP)The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) dynamically host assignment protocol, which works with UDP protocol, has two main uses: to automatically assign IP addresses to

TCP/IP protocol concept, model, and protocol family

The concept, model, and Protocol family of TCP/IP Control Protocol/Internet Protocol are abbreviated as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, also known as network communication Protocol, it is the most basic protocol of the Internet and

TCP/IP protocol layer model

** Application Layer ** data BitTorrent: a popular P2P protocol. DNS: domain name system, an Internet core service that maps domain names to IP addresses. DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, LAN protocol, mainly used: (1) automatically assign

Were you asked about the TCP/IP protocol during the interview? _TCP/IP Objective: Proficient in TCP/IP, familiar with Socket for network programming.See this sentence, there is no feeling very familiar ah. I believe many people have seen this request in the delivery

Network-layer in the Internet Protocol Stack

Layer in Internet protocol stack People have already discussed how to map TCP/IP reference models to OSI models. Because TCP/IP and OSI model groups cannot exactly match, there is no correct answer yet. In addition, the lower layer of the OSI model

PHP surface Test Two of the use of the Transfer Protocol

This article is about the PHP surface of the question two of the use of the transmission protocol, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to 1.HTTP (Hyper Text Transport Protocol): Hypertext Transfer

TCP-based protocol, UDP-based protocol

TCP vs. UDP differencesTCP---Transmission Control Protocol, providing a connection-oriented, reliable byte-stream service. Before the customer and the server Exchange data with each other, a TCP connection must be established between the two parties

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