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Spatial Clustering of Introduction to postgis (Introduction to st_snaptogrid)

Clustering: Indicates clustering and classification. This word is involved in postgis. Although the two terms use the same term, they indicate different meanings. One is index clustering, and the other is spatial clustering. Spatial Clus

Spatial Clustering of Introduction to postgis (2)

The previous article mainly introducedSt_snaptogrid. Now we use the features table in the previous articles for the following applications: This section briefly describes the methods used: GeometrySt_collect (Geometry[] G1_array); combines a

Resolve PostGIS. shp format import into PostGIS. DBF can not is opened problem

PostgreSQL 9.3 is installed as required, before a 9.2. Database error, 9.3 version selected. The PostGIS 2.1 is then installed through the application stack bulider. Installed when you choose to create an empty database, but the installation failed repeatedly, the installation succeeded after the cancellation.After configuring the parameters for the database, select the. shp file to import, change the Srid, here in fact the srid I do not quite underst

Cluster Series-Spectral clustering (spectral clustering) _ Clustering

Clustering to this, but also my cluster series of the last blog, the last one, we will talk about the spectrum cluster. Spectral clustering (spectral clustering) is a clustering method based on graph theory, the main idea is to regard all data as points in space, which can be connected with edges. The edge weights be

PostgreSQL with PostGIS for mapping coordinates

For the based service, I try to use PostgreSQL with PostGIS.You can download PostGIS from here.Http:// is recommended so need to download and compile yourself since there was many packages dependencies need to be Don E.Here is a tutorial which was very handy if you were using ubuntu12.04/mint13 or its derived ones.=================8x----------------------------------x8============================Http://

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL + PostGIS

, Michael "Monty", Widenius seems to regret selling MySQL to Sun, and has developed his own MySQL branch mariadb, which is free, based on the GPL license. The branch drizzle created by well-known MySQL developer Brian Aker has been extensively rewritten, especially for multi-CPU, cloud, network applications and high concurrency.Currently only data tables for the MyISAM engine support the storage of geospatial data. MySQL for the spatial database itself is supported, but not very comprehensive su

Install PostGIS in the source code of RedHat7

Install PostGIS in the source code of RedHat7 This article describes how to install and use PostGIS in RedHat7 environment.1. PostgreSQL1.1 install PostgreSQL in yum This is relatively simple and can be directly installed using yum. $ sudo yum install -y postgresql-server postgresql-devel libxml2 libxml2-devel By the way, install postgresql-devel and libxml2-devel, which will be used for post compilation an

Kmeans text clustering: obtains the clustering center of WEKA computing to complete text clustering.

Author: finallyliuyu reprinted and used. Please specify the source. In the previous section, the VSM model of kmeans text clustering provides how to establish a document vector model and write the data format ARFF required by WEKA software.Code. Here we will introduce how to obtain the clustering center from WEKA and complete the clustering code. As for ho

GIS on CentOS 7 's PostgreSQL & PostGIS

Tags: encoding other modules the latest alter for ADO test data methodsPostgreSQL PostGIS Installation PostgreSQLAfter the Yum source is configured, the version with discoverable yum info postgresql PostgreSQL is 9.2.23, if you want to install the latest version, please refer to the following operation Http:// http://www.postgreso

Python clustering algorithm-aggregated hierarchical clustering instance analysis, python Clustering

Python clustering algorithm-aggregated hierarchical clustering instance analysis, python Clustering This example describes the clustering of Python clustering algorithms. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Hierarchical Clustering:The

Use of Postgresql+postgis

, 1 0)--interpolation arcCompoundcurve (circularstring (0 0, 1 1, 1 0), (1 0, 0 1))--interpolation compound curveCurvepolygon (circularstring (0 0, 4 0, 4 4, 0 4, 0 0), (1 1, 3 3, 3 1, 1 1))--Curved polygonMulticurve ((0 0, 5 5), circularstring (4 0, 4 4, 8 4))--Multi-curveMultisurface (Curvepolygon (circularstring (0 0, 4 0, 4 4, 0 4, 0 0), (1 1, 3 3, 3 1, 1 1)), ((10 10, 14 12, 11 10, 10 10), (11 11, 11.5 11, 11 11.5, 11 11))--Multi-surfaceRealization of spatial information processing in PostG

Postgis+geoserver Installation Considerations

POSTGIS+GEOSERVER+OPENLAYERS3 based Open source solution is one of Webgis common development methods, and recently started to contact PostGIS and GeoServer because of project needs. Although the installation of PostGIS and GeoServer is a fool-type, but there are some issues to be noted in the installation process, the following brief description. 1. Installation

Linux Platform PostGIS Installation

=/opt/pgsql/9.6.1/libExport Path=/opt/pgsql/9.6.1/bin: $PATHExport Manpath=/opt/pgsql/9.6.1/share/man: $MANPATH# tar ZXVF postgis-2.3.0.tar.gz# CD postgis-2.3.0#./configure............config.status:executing po-directories CommandsPostGIS is now configured for X86_64-PC-LINUX-GNU--------------Compiler Info-------------C compiler:gcc-g-o2SQL preprocessor:/usr/bin/cpp-traditional-cpp-w-P--------------Dependen

Original CentOS7 Deployment PostGIS

Reprint please indicate original author (think8848) and provenance ( article references the installation instructions for the "an almost Idiot's Guide to installation PostgreSQL 9.5, PostGIS 2.2 and pgrouting 2.1.0 with Yum" and the official PostGIS website.1. Install PostgreSQL FirstSee "Installing and simply setting up PostgreSQL notes" under CentOS72. First install a few

Deploy PostGIS 12.04 in Ubuntu 2.1

Ubuntu 12.04 deploy PostGIS 2.1 First, uninstall the original postgis and postgresql-9.1-postgis, or you will use version 1.5 ~ 1 sudo dpkg -- purge postgis postgresql-9.1-postgis then, add the corresponding repository and install PostGI

Birch of hierarchical clustering algorithm (multi-stage clustering of clustering feature trees)

Birch of Clustering algorithm (Java implementation) BIRCH (Balanced iterative reducing and clustering using hierarchies) is inherently designed to handle data sets that are very large (at least for your memory) and can run in any given memory. About the more features of Birch first not introduced, I first talk about the full implementation of the algorithm details, the implementation of the algorithm to cl

Installation of PostgreSQL database and installation of PostGIS

Label: Original: PostgreSQL [Plain]View PlainCopy sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.1 postgresql-contrib-9.1 Where postgresql-contrib-9.1 does not have to be installed, if you do not install it, you may be prompted to install it later using Pgadmin to open the database. If it's too much trouble, install it together. If you want to install a different version of PostgreSQL, you can use [Plain]View PlainCopy sudo apt-cach

A classical algorithm for machine learning and Python implementation--clustering and K-means and two-K-means clustering algorithm

SummaryClustering is unsupervised learning ( unsupervised learning does not rely on pre-defined classes or training instances with class tags), it classifies similar objects into the same cluster, it is observational learning, rather than example-based learning, which is somewhat like a fully automated classification. To put it bluntly, clustering (clustering) can be understood literally--the process of

Install PostgreSQL + PostGIS with the source code in the Liunx Environment

Install postgreSQL + postGIS in the production environment The production environment is as follows: Operating System: CentOS release 5.5 (Final) Installation required: Postgresql address: PostgisAddress: Proj address: Geos address: Installation steps: The postgre installation version is 9.1.3. Wget http:/

Linux Platform PostGIS Installation

=/opt/pgsql/9.6.1/bin: $PATHExport Manpath=/opt/pgsql/9.6.1/share/man: $MANPATH# tar ZXVF postgis-2.3.0.tar.gz# CD postgis-2.3.0#./configure............config.status:executing po-directories CommandsPostGIS is now configured for X86_64-PC-LINUX-GNU--------------Compiler Info-------------C compiler:gcc-g-o2SQL preprocessor:/usr/bin/cpp-traditional-cpp-w-P--------------Dependencies--------------GEOS Config:/u

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