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PostgreSQL with PostGIS for mapping coordinates

For the based service, I try to use PostgreSQL with PostGIS.You can download PostGIS from here.Http:// is recommended so need to download and compile yourself since there was many packages dependencies need to be Don E.Here is a

postgresql+postgis+pgrouting implementation of Shortest Path query (1)---line data processing and building topology

Prepare a line SHP data and import it into the postgres inside, postgres install PostGIS and pgrouting two plugins (see for a method). The fields of the line data are as follows: note the name of the

Ubuntu under Postgre and PostGIS installation

Uninstall old versionsudo dpkg--purge PostGIS Postgresql-9.3-postgis1. Install Postgresql$sudo Apt-cache Search PostgreSQL//Find the latest PostgreSQL package $sudo gem apt-get install PostgreSQL package name//select Package name for installation2.

Ubuntu installs PostgreSQL and PostGIS

1. Installing PostgreSQL$sudo Apt-cache Search PostgreSQL//Find the latest PostgreSQL package$sudo Gem apt-get Install PostgreSQL package name//select Package name for installationInstalling PostGIS$sudo Apt-cache Search PostGIS//Find the latest

postgresql+postgis+pgrouting implementation of Shortest Path query (1)---line data processing and building topology

1, ALTER TABLE beijing_line ADD COLUMN source integer;ALTER TABLE beijing_line ADD COLUMN target integer;ALTER TABLE beijing_line ADD COLUMN length double precision;UPDATE beijing_line SET length = st_length (THE_GEOM);PS: Perform the following

Deploy PostGIS2.1 on Ubuntu12.04

PostGIS2.0 has been released, which is very exciting. PostGIS1.5.4 is integrated in 12.04. If you want to use some new features, you have to make the upgrade option. We use the release package of the sharpie project team for deployment. First,

Introduction to postgis: Using Shortest Path shooting star to calculate a directed path

  In my spare time, I learned about pgrouting's path calculation for Directed Graphs, There is an article on the official website to deal with the "one-way" path computing: Next I will prepare a map of

Introduction to open source GIS

C ++ open source GIS middleware Class Library: Gdal (raster)/OGR (vector) provides various types of read/write support   Geos (geometry engine open source) is a class library for space topology analysis based on C ++ and is released following the

Introduction of GIS Application and OpenGIS

three major applications of GIS The first category is the government application, "e-government" is the current government to strengthen the information construction of the new direction, refers to the modern computer, network communications and

Spatial index-usage reports for each database spatial index

Spatial indexIndex we have used, it is a special storage structure, like the library of books in the classification of storage strategy or Modern Library book query system, can help us quickly find the book we need. In the database, the storage of

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