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Basic introduction of Postgres Database

Recently, I have been working on a project related to PostgreSQL database, documenting the knowledge that I have learned in this process. About PostgreSQL database online already have too many relevant introduction, in order to blog the system or

Preliminary use of Postgres and OSM

Layout:postPreliminary use of Title:postgres and OSMDate:2016-9-20Categories:blogTags: [map development] Description: Map Development This paper mainly includes the following content PostgreSQL database, used to store map raw data osm2pgsql used to

Introducing the scope type attribute in PostgreSQL _ database other

A new feature of PostgreSQL 9.2 is the range type range types, by which you can easily guess the purpose of the type, which allows you to define a range of values for a column of data. This simple feature lets us not define two fields to describe

PostgreSQL Advantage, MySQL database itself is not very rich, trigger and stored process support is weak, Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are based on PostgreSQL developed

PostgreSQL Advantage2016-10-20 21:36 686 People read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:MySQL Database (5)PostgreSQL is a free object-relational database server (database management system), which is very powerful. Includes support for

Describes the range type features and PostgreSQL features in postgresql.

Describes the range type features and PostgreSQL features in postgresql. A new feature of PostgreSQL 9.2 is the range type range types. With this name, you can easily guess the purpose of this type. It allows you to define a value range for a column

PostgreSQL view database, index, table, table space Size sample code _postgresql

First, Introduction PostgreSQL provides a number of system management functions to view tables, indexes, table spaces, and the size of the database, described in detail below. second, the Database object dimension function The name

21 Best Open Source database __ Database

Abstract: Almost all software project development needs the support of the database, at present, with the rapid development of open source technology, more and more data suppliers choose Open Source database, contribute to the cause of open source.

Use pg_basebackup to build a PostgreSQL stream replication Environment

Use pg_basebackup to build a PostgreSQL stream replication Environment This article introduces the high availability of PostgreSQL. Here we will first conduct a stream replication experiment. Environment:OS: [Ha @ node0 ~] $ Uname-Linux node0 2.6.32-

Using OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to build a map service

Http:// of Beijing using the OSM data for simple publishingFirst, what is OSM?Open Street Maps (OPENSTREETMAP, OSM) is an online map collaboration program that aims to create a world map of content that is free

Pgrouting-based Path Planning

Recently contacted pgrouting. Record the learning results. Using pgrouting for path planning can only import line data, and mutiline will fail. Note This when importing data.1. Create a database There are two methods:1. Create a pgadmin

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