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POSTGRES-XC/XL/X2 Distributed Database Installation __ Database

Function Introduction POSTGRES-XC/XL/X2 is an open source project. It provides a multiple-master synchronous, transparent, PostgreSQL cluster solution. Unlike other cluster tools, it has a strong scalability when writing data, and introduces the

Data export for PostgreSQL database

first, the use of Pg_dump:Import and export of databases is one of the most commonly used features, each of which provides tools for this, such as Oracle's Exp/imp,informix Dbexp/dbimp,mysql mysqldump, and PostgreSQL provides a corresponding tool

Postgres automatic backup in linux

Postgresql automatic backup generates one file every day and compresses it automatically: 1. write a shell script and save it as/home/db/dump. shpg_dumpdb | gzip & gt;/home/db/db((date?policy=m=d=.backup.gz $ (date + % Y % m % d) can be set by

Prepare for Project release (Freesbsd on Postgres upgrades, etc.)

0. Remove unnecessary tables and stored procedures from the 200 server Setup database DROP TABLE "Sensorpressure";DROP FUNCTION hex_to_int (text);DROP FUNCTION "Pressuredatatosensorpressure" (); 1. Back up 200 of the SETUPD database,:p g_dump-d-H

Go Backup and recovery of PostgreSQL pg_dump&psql data

Tag: User CTI SSI create cancels VAR use SSE byteTransferred from: [OPTION] ... [DBNAME] The database name is last, not specified by default is the database specified by the system variable

Ubuntu crontab scheduled backup postgres database and upload FTP server

Recently the company requested to back up the database, so we looked up the comparative information. Don't say much nonsense, into the subject.Objective: To regularly back up the Postgres database under Ubuntu, and to pack and upload to the

Pgsql database backup and restore examples

Backup and restore are most important when you are transporting a database. Today, we tested backup and restore using Pg_dumpall. Backup Restore method: Pg_dump and Pg_restore, first carefully explain these two commands Back up the database,

Backup and recovery of PostgreSQL pg_dump&psql data

Usage:Pg_dump [OPTION] ... [DBNAME] DatabaseLast name, do not specify the default is the database specified by the system variable pgdatabase.General Options: (generic option)-F,--file=filename output file or directory nameFile name saved after

Introduction to PostgreSQL online logical backup and recovery

BackgroundPostgreSQL logical backup, refers to online backup database data, DDL output as SQL statements, data can be in the form of SQL statements or fixed separators (row format) output. The backup does not affect the DML operation of the Backup

PostgreSQL Tutorial (18): Client command (2) _postgresql

Seven, Pg_dump: Pg_dump is a tool for backing up the PostgreSQL database. It can even make a full, consistent backup when the database is being used concurrently, without blocking access to the database by other users. The dump format generated by

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