postgres function return types

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Discovering the computer science Behind Postgres Indexes

The last in a series of Postgres posts, Pat Shaughnessy wrote based on he presentation at the Barcelona Ruby Conference. You can also watch the video recording of the presentation. The series was originally published in his personal blog, and we is

Basic introduction of Postgres Database

Recently, I have been working on a project related to PostgreSQL database, documenting the knowledge that I have learned in this process. About PostgreSQL database online already have too many relevant introduction, in order to blog the system or

Postgres 9.11 Network Address type functions and operators

9.11. Network address type functions and operatorsTable 9-31 shows the operators that can be used for CIDR and inet . Operators , >>, and >>= are used to compute subnet inclusions: They only consider the network portion of two addresses, ignoring

PostgreSQL Tutorial (18): Client command (2) _postgresql

Seven, Pg_dump: Pg_dump is a tool for backing up the PostgreSQL database. It can even make a full, consistent backup when the database is being used concurrently, without blocking access to the database by other users. The dump format generated by

How to debug PostgreSQL function with PGADMINIII

How to debug Plpgsql with PGADMINIII[[email protected] soft_bak]# git clone git:// Empty Git repository in/opt/soft_bak/pldebugger/.git/Remote:counting objects:445, done.Remote:compressing objects:100%

Some things to note when using date types in PostgreSQL _ database other

It's not surprising when those of us who use rails see things like 5.weeks.from_nowor3.days.ago + 2.hours. Also, PostgreSQL can do this by simply calling PostgreSQL built-in functions to achieve the same functionality.Current time/date/time stamp

Time and date scripts used in PostgreSQL tutorial _postgresql

Get system Time function Select Now (); --2013-11-28 16:20:25.259715+08 Select Current_timestamp; --2013-11-28 16:20:38.815466+08 Select current_date; --2013-11-28 Select Current_time; --16:21:08.981171+08 Calculation

PostgreSQL Tutorial (19): SQL language function _postgresql

First, the basic concept: SQL functions can contain any number of queries, but the function only returns the result of the last query (which must be a select). In simple cases, returns the first row of the last query result. If the last query does

PostgreSQL tutorial (18): client commands (2), postgresql tutorial

PostgreSQL tutorial (18): client commands (2), postgresql tutorial VII. pg_dump: Pg_dump is a tool used to back up PostgreSQL databases. It can even perform a full and consistent backup when the database is being used concurrently without blocking

To create a mongodb copy of the tutorial _ database on the basis of PostgreSQL other

I have a lazy idea. How should this good idea begin? Well, this is an appropriate little madness: Why not build our own MongoDB version directly on the basis of postgres? It sounds far-fetched, but it's simple and real. When the NoSQL movement was

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