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AutoCAD Three-dimensional reporting, BIM reporting, view reporting method

In most scenarios, engineers can use CAD to report, avoid to do ppt, waste time, PPT is generally used once discarded. and engineers for the design of the intermediate reporting, or three-dimensional BIM reporting, review reports, display reports, etc., can be directly using CAD software, the method is to use the view to report. The view is a magical thing, it supports different views, with different layer

Postgres log Utility

Postgres log utility has to say that Postgres logs (pg_log, similar to the oracle alter file, rather than pg_xlog) are indeed flexible and feature-rich, the following are some management functions using ipvs logs. The parameters involved are in the file $ PGDATApostgresql. conf. OS: CentOS6.2DB: Postgre Postgres log utility has to say that

Discovering the computer science Behind Postgres Indexes

The last in a series of Postgres posts, Pat Shaughnessy wrote based on he presentation at the Barcelona Ruby Conference. You can also watch the video recording of the presentation. The series was originally published in his personal blog, and we is republishing it on codeship with his kind permission. You can also read posts one, both, and three in the series.We all know indexes is one of the most powerful and important features of relational database

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 First, host planning Cnode1 (GTM) cnode2 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) cnode3 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) cnode4 ( Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) Cnode5 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) Second, configure host hosts on each node #vim/etc/hosts cnode1 cnode2 192.168.

10 Postgres Tips developers should master in 2016

"Editor's note" as an open source object-relational database, Postgres has been loved by many developers. Recently, Postgres officially released version 9.5, which has been a lot of repair and functional improvements. This article will share 10 Postgres usage tips, which are designed to enable developers to use the database more flexibly and efficiently.During th

Analysis of concurrency control in Postgres and transaction characteristics (Concurrency)

provided by using the revolutionary serializable snapshot Isolation (SSI) level. Today we start with the basics of PostgreSQL and talk about the features of MVCC and PostgreSQL. Here, we first use a table to show the level of transaction in PostgreSQL, and we can turn it back when we see the later chapters. 1. Basic Knowledge 1.1 Transaction ID When a transaction begins, the transaction management system in PostgreSQL assigns a unique identifier, the transaction ID (TXID), to the t

There is a one-way cyclic linked list, reporting data from the beginning, reporting elements that are multiples of M or M. A one-way cyclic linked list is formed based on the order of departure.

There is a one-way cyclic linked list, reporting data from the beginning, reporting elements that are multiples of M or M. A one-way cyclic linked list is formed based on the order of departure. Function prototype: void reorder (node ** head, int m ); I personally think that this question is a variant of Joseph's ring. The method is to report the number in sequence along the cyclic linked list. If the repor

? POSTGRES-XL: PostgreSQL-based open source extensible DB cluster

Tags: distributed database? POSTGRES-XL: PostgreSQL-based open source extensible DB cluster The recent year the industry to the "IoE" more calls louder, many traditional enterprises have to go to the "IoE" program on the desktop. I always wonder what motivates these non-internet companies, such as banks, to do such things. Tall on the "self-control", "Revitalization of National Science and Technology" and other empty slogan first not to tube, the r

POSTGRES-XL Cluster Construction

POSTGRES-XL is a fully acid-compliant, open-source, easy to scale, multi-tenant security. Support share-nothing; Support massive data parallel processing-mpp (massively Parallel processing). is not very similar to Greenplum. Host Assignment3 host, install centos6.2. Of course, you can prepare more than one server; This depends on the scenario (the GTM is a separate host; The exception is that each machine is best equipped with one coordinator and one

MSSQL Server Reporting services/reporting Servi directory database file exists

Today, the following problems occurred during the installation of MSSQL. Reporting Services Directory database file existsReporting Services Directory temp database file existsSolving method Open the Instance installation directory for MSSQL, for example: D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server,Delete D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\mssql10. Mssqlserver\mssql\data inside the ReportServer.mdf, Reportserver_log. LDF, Reportservertempdb.mdf, Report

Postgres XL FAQ

Q. What does XL stand? XL is short for extensible lattice. It also connotes an extra large version of postgresql, in this case when SS multiple systems. Q. Is this a "nosql" solution? No, ipvs-XL supports traditional SQL, stronugly conforms to ansi SQL: 2008, is fully acid, all while being scalable. you can however certainly use it as a key-value store and take advantage of JSON and hstore functionality. Q. Is the data "sharded "? Yes. postgres-X

Modify the password for the default user postgres of the PostgreSQL database

Sometimes, what if I forget the password of the default user Postgres when PostgreSQL is installed?Linux shell command input below: sudo-u postgres psql (so that you can directly login into the Postgres, and then in the inside can be added users, change passwords and so on, are not the problem!! )-------------------------------------------------------------------

POSTGRES-XL Collective Construction

PGXL Cluster ConstructionA preparation1 Download Install decompression source/opt/Curl-o postgres-xl95r1beta1.tar.gzMV Postgres-xl95r1beta1.tar.gz POSTGRES-XL2 compiling$ yum-y gcc$ CD POSTGRES-XL$ pwd/opt/

Postgres CREATE TABLE as Select & CREATE TABLE like

1. Prepare Create a base table first: CREATE TABLE mytb1 (ID serial,name character varying,age integer);To create an index on the name field: Create INDEX Mytb1_name_index on MYTB1 (name); To view the MYTB1 table structure: postgres=# \d mytb1; Table "public.mytb1" Column | Type | Modifiers --------+-------------------+--------------------------------------------

INITDB analysis of Postgres--from the failure of one plugin upgrade

Our company has developed a database product based on Postgres, needless to say we have changed the source code of OSS, and have also integrated and written some plugins. Therefore, when PostgreSQL and related plugins are upgraded, we also need to reflect the upgrade to our products, which is the background.This time the problem occurred when we upgraded PostgreSQL plugin ORAFCE (3.2.0-->3.6.0). As usual, we will upgrade the plugin, organize the sourc

Postgres Importing additional database data

Tags: But i row data GRE Postgre database data Start Menu selection logsA recent in-depth study of the Postgres database, importing data Tables from SQL Server databases used in the original project into postgres, Online Search postgres data import, in addition to the spatial database can be imported through PostGIS 2.0 shapefiles and DBF Loader exporter , No oth

POSTGRES-XL Introduction

first, what is POSTGRES-XLXL means: Extensible Lattice, can be extended lattice, will be the PostgreSQL application on multi-machine distributed database visualization expression.POSTGRES-XL is a full-acid, open-source, scalable, multi-tenant secure, PostgreSQL-based database solution.The POSTGRES-XL is flexible enough to handle a wide range of loads, such as: OLAP (parallelization via MPP) Olt

CentOS Nginx+python+fastcgi+postgres Deployment Summary (Django Edition)

Recently, because of the needs of the project to start a large number of nginx, so also want to take the opportunity to use the previous Django+apache architecture to replace the Django+nginx. The common Django WebApp deployment approach is FCGI WSGI deployed in a way that uses or deploys the setup and configuration steps of the Nginx + fastcgi + Python + Django + PostgreSQL in CentOS 6.5 to make a simple It is important to note that the main reserve is to be remembered, and we hope to help you.

Import and export of Excel in the Postgres database

With Windows systems, Excel is always unavoidable.The Postgres version is 9.3.6;windows 8.1 64-bit.There is no way to find Excel directly import Postgres, there is a tool is XLSTOPG, similar to SQL Server Import and Export Data Wizard, but not open source; You can search the Internet to play (as if the trial version can only guide 1000 records), I am not well-known site up and down an attempt is cracked ver

Postgres Database Backup

1. Fully Automated backupNeed to install postgres (preferably the same version) on the backup machineIn the Postgres directory to create a password to save the file (plaintext, so confidentiality is important), if not established, because each backup must enter a password, not automatic backup# create a. pgpass file touch. Pgpass # write the following in a file that can be multiple lines #

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