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Pgsql database backup and restore examples

Backup and restore are most important when you are transporting a database. Today, we tested backup and restore using Pg_dumpall. Backup Restore method: Pg_dump and Pg_restore, first carefully explain these two commands Back up the database,

Mysql,sqlsever,oracle,redis,mongo,postgres database backup and recovery instruction collation

The following list only gives the simplest usage of backup and recovery of each database, more detailed parameters and configuration please refer to the relevant informationFirst, MySQL:Parameter description: $user $password

Introduction to PostgreSQL online logical backup and recovery

BackgroundPostgreSQL logical backup, refers to online backup database data, DDL output as SQL statements, data can be in the form of SQL statements or fixed separators (row format) output. The backup does not affect the DML operation of the Backup

Postgres Database Backup

1. Fully Automated backupNeed to install postgres (preferably the same version) on the backup machineIn the Postgres directory to create a password to save the file (plaintext, so confidentiality is important), if not established, because each

Mysql, sqlsever, oracle, redis, mongo, postgres and other database backup and recovery commands, sqlseverredis

Mysql, sqlsever, oracle, redis, mongo, postgres and other database backup and recovery commands, sqlseverredis The following is a simple example of how to back up and restore each database. For more detailed parameters and configurations, refer to

PostgreSQL Backup tool-pg_backrest (GO)

Transferred from:, configuration centralized backup server 1.1 standby installation Backup Server Software dependency packageYum-y Install PERL-DBD-PG Perl-json perl-thread-queue 1.2 Standby

Prepare for Project release (Freesbsd on Postgres upgrades, etc.)

0. Remove unnecessary tables and stored procedures from the 200 server Setup database DROP TABLE "Sensorpressure";DROP FUNCTION hex_to_int (text);DROP FUNCTION "Pressuredatatosensorpressure" (); 1. Back up 200 of the SETUPD database,:p g_dump-d-H

PostgreSQL Learning Notes (v) Backup and recovery

PostgreSQL Learning Notes (v) Backup and recovery1. Backup tools: Pg_dump and Pg_dumpallThe pg_dump can back up a specified databasePg_dumpall can back up all database data and system global data at once2. The Pg_dump and Pg_dumpall tools do not

Go Backup and recovery of PostgreSQL pg_dump&psql data

Tag: User CTI SSI create cancels VAR use SSE byteTransferred from: [OPTION] ... [DBNAME] The database name is last, not specified by default is the database specified by the system variable

PG Database Backup Restore __ Database

Backup 1, configure the archive mode Configuring the archive requires editing the postgresql.conf file, which defaults to the/usr/local/pgsql/data/directory Vim/usr/local/pgsql/data/postgesql.conf Wal_level = Hot_standby Archive_mode=

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