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Ubuntu under Postgres installation and configuration

postgres8.4 Installation configuration:1. Installing postgres8.4~$ sudo apt-get install PostgreSQL2. Modify the Super admin Postgres Password:Run Psql as a system user~$ sudo-u postgres psql postgresModify Postgres password

CentOS Nginx+python+fastcgi+postgres Deployment Summary (Django Edition)

Recently, because of the needs of the project to start a large number of nginx, so also want to take the opportunity to use the previous Django+apache architecture to replace the Django+nginx. The common Django WebApp deployment approach is FCGI

PostgreSQL Quick start: Use of psql tool _ MySQL

I. INTRODUCTION to psql is a PostgreSQL command line interactive client tool, similar to the command line tool sqlplus: 1 in Oracle allows you to interactively type SQL or commands, then they are sent to the PostgreSQL server, and then the SQL or

Postgres Create user, table

Use CreateUser to create a user[Plain]View Plaincopyprint? [Email protected] ~]$/data/pgsql/bin/createuser--help CreateUser creates a new PostgreSQL role. Usage: CreateUser [OPTION] ... [ROLENAME] Options: -C,--connection-limit=n

Introduction to PostgreSQL online logical backup and recovery

BackgroundPostgreSQL logical backup, refers to online backup database data, DDL output as SQL statements, data can be in the form of SQL statements or fixed separators (row format) output. The backup does not affect the DML operation of the Backup

PostgreSQL Learning Notes (iv) roles

1. During the data initialization phase during PostgreSQL installation, a role named Postgres is created by default (and a database named Postgres is created).2. The ident authentication mechanism can be used to map the root user of the operating

PostgreSQL Database Operations

Create a databaseCREATEDATABASE name WITH ] [ OWNER [=] user_name ] [ TEMPLATE [=] template ] [ ENCODING [=] encoding ] [ LC_COLLATE [=] lc_collate ] [ LC_CTYPE [=] lc_ctype ]

Ubuntuでpostgresqlをインストールからリモートアクセスまでの Hand

Postgresqlサーバの Li accentuate on げに less しハマりましたので, メモしておきます.os:ubuntu14.04 LTSインストールInitially はpostgresqlをインストールします.Ordinary occupies apt-get コマンドを make えばインストールできますので, special pen すべきことはありません.$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install-y postgresql-

PostgreSQL Novice Road Pg::connectionbad (fatal:peer authentication failed

New machine error after deploymentApp 12595 Stderr:pg::connectionbad (FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user "Dbuser" app 12595 stderr:):Surf the internet for a bit, many of the posts are said to modify/etc/postgresql/9.4/main/pg_hba.conf this

PostgreSQL Tutorial (17): Client command (1) _postgresql

0, password file: Before giving other PostgreSQL client commands, we need to introduce the password file in PostgreSQL. The file is explained here in advance because we are applying the file in a lot of the following sample code to ensure that our

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