postgres show roles

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Postgres Create user, table

Use CreateUser to create a user[Plain]View Plaincopyprint? [Email protected] ~]$/data/pgsql/bin/createuser--help CreateUser creates a new PostgreSQL role. Usage: CreateUser [OPTION] ... [ROLENAME] Options: -C,--connection-limit=n

postgresql-system tables, System views

The system tables show the information under the current operations database, and the objects are from the current database. Because different system tables use different name fields to record the OID of different objects, the table references that

Windows PostGIS (compressed edition) installation

PostGIS Installation1. Software downloadPostgresql-9.6.1-1-windows-x64-binaries.zip Unzip the Postgresql.zipUnzip the

PostgreSQL Common Commands

1.createdb database nameGenerate Database2.DROPDB database nameDeleting a database3.CREATE User NameCreate user4.drop User NameDelete User5.SELECT usename from Pg_user;View System User Information\du7.SELECT version ();View version Information8.psql

PostGIS (decompression version) installation

1. Software DownloadPostgresql-9.6.1-1-windows-x64-binaries.zip Unzip the Postgresql.zipUnzip the postgresql-9.6.1-1-windows-

Several object concepts and their relationships in PostgreSQL

This article references: DB instance and schema: schema is the logical division of a DB instance. The database is segmented by schema

Safety Test ===sqlmap (ii) reprint

12. Enumerate the dataThese parameters are used to enumerate the database management system information, data structure and data content.1. List all data in one clickParameter:--allUse this parameter to enumerate all the data that can be accessed.

postgresql-user, library, mode, table

Because do not understand PostgreSQL psql tool, after the database is installed directly with the Pgadmin or navicat to connect the operation, in the confirmation of the initialization of the library after the default some things have been nowhere

Design and implementation of popular tags

Original link: Trending at InstagramTranslator: Jay Micro Magazine-Zhang DiWith the launch of the "Search and Explore" feature last week, we introduced a capability: on Instagram, we can find it easily when the moment of fun happens. The popular

Overall security of PostgreSQL database, the best replacement for Oracle

Hackers often attack enterprise databases in newspapers. The days when most attacks were initiated by rebellious minors are gone forever. Today, data integration Hackers often attack enterprise databases in newspapers. The days when most attacks

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