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PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (4)

changed in postgresql.conf, it is an auto-tuning parameter (denoted by 1), which allows PostgreSQL to spend 3% shared_buffers before Xlog writes back to the disk. But not more than 16MB to keep xlog.[in the old version of PostgreSQL, this parameter is 64KB. It is unreasonable to have such a low value for modern machines. If you are running an older version of PostgreSQ

How to install PostgreSQL 7/6 and phpPgAdmin in CentOS 5/6. 4

How to install PostgreSQL 7/6 and phpPgAdmin in CentOS 5/6. 4 PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object relational database system that runs on almost all major operating systems, including Linux, Unix (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, sgi irix, Mac OS, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows OS. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create PostgreS

[Programming question] calculates the longest descending subsequence of an array, for example, {9, 4, 3, 2}. The longest descending subsequence is {9, 5, 4, 3, 2}

47. Innovation workshop (algorithm ):Returns the longest descending subsequence of an array, for example, {9, 4, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2,4,3, 2} Idea: Dynamic Planning Calculates the longest descending subsequence of the sequence of the current number. Each time you look for the longest child sequence, scan the child sequence obtained before it, and the first number is smaller than the current number. For example, t

PostgreSQL learning Manual (9) Server Configuration

execute the modification command on the command line, such: /> S-C log_connections = yes-C log_destination = 'syslog' If the parameters set in the command line conflict with those in the configuration file, the parameters in the command line overwrite the existing parameter values in the configuration file. In addition, we can also modify the configuration information of a specified database or user by using PostgreSQL data definition commands such a

PostgreSQL 9 Source Installation

LogFile Installation Document 1: [[emailprotected] pg952]# tar-jxvf postgresql-9.5 .2.tar.bz2 [[emailprotected] pg952]# cd postgresql-9.5.2 [[email] protected] pg952]# cat INSTALL |more [[emailprotected] pg952]# mkdir/pg952 [[emailprotected] pg952]#./configure--prefix=/pg952/ [[email Protected] pg952]# gmake world [[emailprotected] pg952]# gma

The third chapter of PostgreSQL Replication Understanding Instant Recovery (4)

Xlog file. The server provides a process called pg_switch_xlog () to do this work:test=# SELECT Pg_switch_xlog ();Pg_switch_xlog----------------0/17c0ef8(1 row)You might call this process when some important patching work is done or you want to make sure that a particular database is securely present in your Xlog archive.3.5 SummaryIn this chapter, you've learned about instant recovery, a safe and easy way to recover your PostgreSQL database to any t

PHP 5.4.4 + nginx 1.2.1 + PostgreSQL 9.1.4 source code compilation automated deployment version 4

Limited energy, only one script can be maintained temporarily, so MySQL and the original lnpp are unified PHP 5.4.10 + nginx1.0.15 + PostgreSQL 9.1.3 source code compilation automated deployment Third Edition Http:// This script has been tested several times on my machine and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit centos 5 and 6 systems. It has adjusted the installation of some third-party libraries, the pr

The fourth chapter of PostgreSQL replication set up asynchronous Replication (4)

we're just using a slave; we're not cascading to other systems. We just need to change the line in slave's postgresql.conf: Hot_standby = on # to make the slave readable Next, we can write a simple recovery.conf file and put it in the main data directory: Restore_command = ' cp/archive/%f%p ' Standby_mode = On Primary_conninfo = ' port=5432 ' Trigger_file = '/tmp/start_me_up.txt ' When we start slave, the following things can happen: 1.

Question 4: f = 1! -2! + 3! -4! +... + 9!

/*************************************** ************************Computer report 1: accumulated (c)AUTHOR: liuyongshuiDATE :************************************************ ***********************//*Question 4: f = 1! -2! + 3! -4! +... + 9! */ # Include # Define N 9 Void f (int m); // original function declaration Int

Using regular expressions to implement the Operation Express = ' 1-2* ((60-30 + ( -40/5) * (9-2*5/3 +7/3*99/4*2998 +10 *568/14))-( -4*3)/(16-3*2)) '

#!/usr/bin/env python# Coding:utf-8Import Redef Dealwith (Express): Express.replace ('+-','-') Express.replace ('--','+') returnexpressdef Col_suanshu (exp):if '/' inchexp:a,b= Exp.split ('/') returnStrfloat(a)/float(b))if '*' inchexp:a,b= Exp.split ('*') returnStrfloat(a) *float(b) def get_no_barcate (Express): Express=express.strip ('()') Print ('>>>', Express) whileTrue:ret= ("-?\d+\.? \d*[*/]-?\d+\.? \d*", Express)ifRet:res=Col_suanshu ( ()) Express= Ex

Postgresql-10.1-3-windows-x64 after installation, start Pgadmin 4 problem (WIN10)

Tags: install appdata pre not technology share info technology Data ICARun Pgadmin "Pgadmin 4 the application server could not being contant" window appears. Reference: HTTPS://STACKOVERFLOW.COM/QUESTIONS/40083391/POSTGRESQL-CANT-CONNECT-APPLICATION-SERVER-THROUGH-PGADMIN4 How to resolve: 1. Delete all files and folders within the C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\pgAdmin 2.c:\program files\

PostgreSQL stored Procedure (4)-return statement

|| '_result'; END; $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;2.2 Case 2: Return case without an expressionIf you declare a function to return void, a return statement can be used to exit the function prematurely, but do not write an expression after return. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTIONGetreturn (in_col1int) RETURNSvoid as $$ BEGIN ifIn_col1> 0 ThenRAISE NOTICE'There is%', In_col1; Else return; End if; END; $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;3. RETURN Next command syntax:RETURN NEXT expression;3.1 RETURN Next commandcan be

Picture ratio Evolution History: 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 What's the difference?

Common ratios At the beginning of the information age of 195x, the most notable feature is that analog technology has turned to digital technology, graphic design has been gradually led by electronic devices from paper to media, and the granularity units have changed, but this is not so much for designers, the problem is the ratio. Aspect ratio, which is the height ratio, only discusses the three most common categories: photography, video, and display equipment. The common rates of photograph

Summarize the recent development of CNN Model (i)----ResNet [1, 2] Wide ResNet [3] resnext [4] densenet [5] dpnet [9] nasnet [ten] senet [one] Capsules [12]

Summarize the recent development of CNN Model (i) from: Yu June computer vision and deep learning1. PrefaceLong time no update column, recently because of the project to contact the Pytorch, feeling opened the deep learning new world of the door. In his spare time, Pytorch trained the recent CNN model of State-of-the-art in image classification, which is summarized in the article as follows: ResNet [1, 2] Wide ResNet [3] Resnext [

2015/4/9 Data Conversion Array Enumeration/c# Learning notes

Using System;Class Studenthomework{public enum Friends{boss, Dick, old Three, old four, old five, old six};public static void Main (){Friends f1 = Friends. Boss;Friends F2 = Friends. Dick;Friends F3 = Friends. Old Three;Friends f4 = Friends. Old Four;string[] family = new String[6];Family[0] = "Aunt";FAMILY[1] = "two aunts";FAMILY[2] = "three aunts";Family[3] = "Aunt";Console.WriteLine ("This is my circle of friends: 1.friends,2.classmate,,4.c

Hidden objects and 4 scope objects in JSP page 9 __js

()//To IE print, add line wrap in source code Out.write ()//to IE print, usually user print constant 5, Application Type: Javax.servlet.ServletContext Method: Application.getinitparameter ("name"); Application.setattribute (String, Object) Application.getattribute (String) Application.removeattribute (String) 6, page Type: Java.lang.Object Represents the current JSP page, can be understood as this,jsp is a special servlet class, generate JSP page also generates the corresponding servlet instanc

The sixth chapter of PostgreSQL Replication Monitoring your settings (4)

come up with a reasonable check-up and thresholds. Logically, this also applies to any other monitoring software that you can potentially think of. The rules are the same: think about what your application is doing and think about things that might go wrong. Based on this information, you can select the appropriate check. All available checklists can be found in SummaryIn this chapter, you learned a lot about monitoring. We saw what w

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = 110, fill in the plus sign or minus sign between the numbers (you can leave it blank, but cannot enter other symbols) to make the equation true.

There are 3 ^ 8 possibilities. Answer: Success: 12 + 34 + 56 + 7-8 + 9 = 110 Success: 12 + 3 + 45 + 67-8-9 = 110 Success: 12-3 + 4-5 + 6 + 7 + 89 = 110 Success: 1 + 2 + 34 + 5 + 67-8 + 9 = 110 Success: 1-2 + 3 + 45-6 + 78-9 = 110 Success: 123 +

Career Success factors: 1 goal, 2 basis points, 3 tips, 4 ideas, 5 points of luck, 6 Requirements, 7 points of learning, 8 points of communication, 9 points of habits, 10 points of self-confidence, 11 traps, 12 points of effort

: before the age of 35, you must train your speech skills. Many successful people are first of all excellent speakers. Chapter 9: 9 habits The power of habits is amazing. The habits you developed before the age of 35 determine the size of your success.1. Good habits of positive thinking.2. develop a good habit of efficient work-learn to like and get used to your office; be cautious in your life, but b

C Language Code Programming questions Summary: Show expression of 1*2+3*4+...+9*10 representation

Displays the representation of an expression 1*2+3*4+...+9*10The source program code is as follows:1 /*2 June 7, 2017 22:54:513 function: Implementation of 1*2+3*4+...+9*10 expression operation4 5 */6#include"stdio.h"7#include"string.h"8 9 Chara[ -];Ten intI, j =0; One intMa

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