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PostgreSQL 9.5.1 official document Study Notes

PostgreSQL 9.5.1 official document Study Notes This document is applicable to the latest version of PostgreSQL 9.5.1. I am new to PostgreSQL and may not miss this article. please correct me. With more understanding, this article [may] will be

Postgresql is a global variable similar to oraclesql % rowcount

Wiki. openbravo. comwikiERP2.50Developers _ GuideConceptsDBPL-SQL_code_rules_to_write_Oracle_and_Postgresql_codeProcedureLanguagerulesOpenbravoERPsupportsOracleandPostgreSQLdatabaseengines.Thisisasetofrecommendat Http://

Array types that use PostgreSQL correctly

2014-03-03 10:10 Anonymous Open source China compilation I want to comment (0) font size:T | T In the heap, we rely on PostgreSQL to support most of the heavy back-end tasks, we store each event as a hstore blob, and we maintain a PostgreSQL array

POSTGRESQL syntax structure

The SQL input consists of a series of commands . An order consists of a series of tokens , with a semicolon (";") End. The termination of the input stream also ends a command. Which tokens are valid depends on the syntax of the particular command.A

A Brief Introduction to Ruby on Rails's support for PostgreSQL array types, railspostgresql

A Brief Introduction to Ruby on Rails's support for PostgreSQL array types, railspostgresql I am very happy to announce that Rails 4.0 now supports PostgreSQL array types. you can easily create fields of the array type through: array => true in

PostgreSQL source analysis of shared buffer and disk files

We know that the information in the PostgreSQL database is ultimately written to the persistent device. So how does PostgreSQL store the information organization on disk? Bruce Momjian has a slide "insider PostgreSQL Shared Memory", inside the

Avoiding PostgreSQL Database corruption

tl;dr: Don ' t ever set Fsync=off, don ' t kill-9 The postmaster then, don ' t run PostgreSQL on network file systems.Reports of database corruption on the PostgreSQL mailing list is uncommon, but hardly rare. While a few data

PostgreSQL supports 1 million connection test details

Background1 million database connections, absolutely crazy, how ordinary people do this kind of thing. Yes, what does it mean for a database to support 1 million connections? Can't I use a connection pool? In addition to holding a game of mind,

The extension of PostgreSQL replication and BDR

In this chapter, you will be presented with a new technology to become a BDR. Two-way Replication (BDR), in the world of PostgreSQL, it is definitely a rising star. In the near future, many new things will be seen, and people can expect a thriving

Is PostgreSQL your next JSON database?

According to Betteridge's law (any headline question can be answered in one word: no), unless your JSON data is rarely modified and has many queries.The latest version of PostgreSQL adds more support for JSON, and we've asked if PostgreSQL can

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