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Detailed explanation of the transaction processing function of the PostgreSQL Client

The target of PostgreSQL is very similar to that of the current MySQL database. So what are the advantages of PostgreSQL? This article will be explained to you. This article introduces the basic concepts of PostgreSQL's transaction processing

PostgreSQL transaction processing and concurrency control

Tag: Select the complete sequence process date ready version to generate the calculationPostgreSQL transaction processing and concurrency control:A transaction is the basic unit of work in PostgreSQL and is a user-defined sequence of database

Analysis of concurrency control in Postgres and transaction characteristics (Concurrency)

PostgreSQL provides developers with a rich set of tools to manage concurrent access to data. Internally, data consistency is maintained by using a multi-version model (multi-version concurrency control, MVCC). This means that each SQL statement sees

Distributed Transaction (i) two-phase commit and JTA

Distributed transactions, like local transactions, contain atomicity (atomicity), consistency (consistency), isolation (isolation), and persistence (durability). Two-stage commit is an important method to ensure atomicity in distributed transaction.

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL + PostGIS

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL MysqlRelatively young, appearing for the first 1994 years. It claims to be the most popular open source database. MySQL is the M in the lamp (for web development packages, including Linux, Apache, and Perl/php/python). Most

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (3)

2.3 Understanding consistency and data lossIt is not possible to mine PostgreSQL transaction logs without regard to consistency. In the first part of this chapter, we have largely explained the basic idea of the transaction log. You already know

15 PostgreSQL Database Practical command sharing _postgresql

Originally wanted to find the PostgreSQL database occupy Space Command found this blog, found that the provision of severalcommand is useful (but there are several senses that are sucks.) =), so he translated it over. In addition this article is 09,

Large object in PostgreSQL

1. First knowledge of PostgreSQL large objectA colleague feels very slow when recovering from a file backed up using Pg_dump (using the plain format), so let me analyze what the reason is.I got his. bak file, and the file has 1 more than one G. To

The 15th chapter of PostgreSQL replication works with Walbouncer

Working with WalbouncerIn the final chapter of this book, you will be guided to a tool that was released in 2014, called Walbouncer. Most of the tips in this book show how to replicate an entire database instance, how to Shard, and so on. In the

How to replace a distributed transaction with Message Queuing

Transferred from: of the huge amount of data, most Web applications need to deploy many database instances. In this way, some user actions may need to modify data in multiple DB instances.

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