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PostgreSQL 9.5.1 official document Study Notes

PostgreSQL 9.5.1 official document Study Notes This document is applicable to the latest version of PostgreSQL 9.5.1. I am new to PostgreSQL and may not miss this article. please correct me. With more understanding, this article [may] will be

Goodbye to MongoDB, hello PostgreSQL

Goodbye to MongoDB, hello PostgreSQL Olery was founded almost five years ago. It started with the single product (Olery Reputation) developed by Ruby proxy. Over time, we began to work on a series of different products and applications. Today, our

15 PostgreSQL Database Practical command sharing _postgresql

Originally wanted to find the PostgreSQL database occupy Space Command found this blog, found that the provision of severalcommand is useful (but there are several senses that are sucks.) =), so he translated it over. In addition this article is 09,

[Reprinted] What disadvantages does PostgreSQL make up for MySQL databases?

PostgreSQL is similar to Oracle's multi-process framework, so it can support high-concurrency application scenarios. This is similar to Oracle databases, so it is easier to switch Oracle DBA to PostgreSQL databases, after all, PostgreSQL databases

PostgreSQL source analysis of shared buffer and disk files

We know that the information in the PostgreSQL database is ultimately written to the persistent device. So how does PostgreSQL store the information organization on disk? Bruce Momjian has a slide "insider PostgreSQL Shared Memory", inside the

PostgreSQL Tutorial (17): Client command (1) _postgresql

0, password file: Before giving other PostgreSQL client commands, we need to introduce the password file in PostgreSQL. The file is explained here in advance because we are applying the file in a lot of the following sample code to ensure that our

PostgreSQL vs. mysql comparison

MySQL is so widely used that I have to migrate some applications from MySQL to PostgreSQL, many open source software is mysql as a database standard, and MySQL as the basis of the abstract, but the use of the process, found that MySQL has a lot of

PostgreSQL supports 1 million connection test details

Background1 million database connections, absolutely crazy, how ordinary people do this kind of thing. Yes, what does it mean for a database to support 1 million connections? Can't I use a connection pool? In addition to holding a game of mind,

PostgreSQL 9.13

I always wanted to make some contributions to PostgreSQL. Today I am free, so I wrote a tutorial on getting started with PostgreSQL 9.13... On deployment, you can move here...PHP 5.4.10 + Nginx 1.0.12 + PostgreSQL 9.1.3 source code compilation

PostgreSQL tutorial (5): Functions and operators (1), postgresql Operators

PostgreSQL tutorial (5): Functions and operators (1), postgresql Operators I. logical operators: Common logical operators include AND, OR, and not. Its semantics is exactly the same as that of logical operators in other programming languages. Ii.

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