postgresql database backup script

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Introduction to PostgreSQL online logical backup and recovery

BackgroundPostgreSQL logical backup, refers to online backup database data, DDL output as SQL statements, data can be in the form of SQL statements or fixed separators (row format) output. The backup does not affect the DML operation of the Backup

The third chapter of PostgreSQL Replication Understanding Instant Recovery (4)

3.4 Replay Transaction logOnce we have created an initial base backup of our own, we can collect the Xlog created by the database. When the time comes, we can use all these xlog files and perform the recovery process we expect. This works as

Basic PostgreSQL commands and PostgreSQL commands in Linux

(1) User PracticalityProgram: Createdb creates a new PostgreSQL database (same as SQL statement: Create Database) Createuser creates a new PostgreSQL user (same as SQL statement: create user) Dropdb deletes a database Dropuser: delete a user

Backup and recovery of open source database PostgreSQL

The database used recently for work has been PostgreSQL, an open source database, and any individual can use the database for commercial purposes. In the use of PostgreSQL, let me the most obvious feeling is that the database is really good,

PostgreSQL-related software, libraries, tools, and resource collections

PostgreSQL-related software, libraries, tools, and resource collections.Backup WAL-E-Simple continuous archiving for Postgres to S3, Azure, or Swift by Heroku Barman-backup and Recovery Manager for Postgres by 2ndQuadrant Gui

Tutorial on how to store the structure of a PostgreSQL database

If you do not start the Postgres process after you upgrade the database, and check the log to find similar information like the following: Fatal:database files are incompatible with server Detail:the Data directory is initialized by PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL command line tool function description

I. SQL commandII. PostgreSQL client Application Clusterdb --Cluster a PostgreSQL database createdb --Create a new PostgreSQL database Createlang --Installing a PostgreSQL process language CreateUser --Define a new PostgreSQL user account

Common postgresql commands

Common postgresql commands (1) User utility: createdb creates a new PostgreSQL database (same as the SQL statement: CREATEDATABASE) createuser creates a new PostgreSQL user (same as the SQL statement: same as CREATEUSER) dropdb delete database

PostgreSQL basic commands and Linux under PostgreSQL commands

Transferred from: User utility program:Createdb Create a new PostgreSQL database (and the SQL statement: Create DATABASE is the same)CreateUser Create a new PostgreSQL user (and SQL

PostgreSQL Architecture Summary

?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Reference: ArchitecturePostgreSQL database consists of the connection management system (System Controller), the compiled execution system, the storage management system, the

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