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Database concurrency Transaction Control Four: The lock mechanism of PostgreSQL database

Concurrency control is the key technology of DBMS, concurrency control technology is also called synchronization mechanism, and its implementation usually relies on the underlying concurrency control mechanism. The operating system provides a

Analysis of PostgreSQL database transaction and ROW lock features

In the field of open source database, PostgreSQL is well-deserved for its superior performance, function and good stability, especially for high concurrency support. and superior performance and stability, it is nothing but a good infrastructure,

Description of PostgreSQL lock query and killing Process

Description of PostgreSQL lock query and killing Process Query the locks in the table. Select a. locktype, a. database, a. pid, a. mode, a. relation, B. relname From pg_locks Join pg_class B on a. relation = B. oid Where upper (B. relname) = 'table _

PostgreSQL Architecture Summary

?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Reference: ArchitecturePostgreSQL database consists of the connection management system (System Controller), the compiled execution system, the storage management system, the

Multi-version concurrency control: PostgreSQL vs InnoDB

Multi-version concurrency control technology is used by many database or storage engines, such as Oracle, ms SQL Server 2005 +, PostgreSQL, Firebird, InnoDB, Falcon, pbxt, Maria and so on. The new database storage engine uses multi-version instead

PostgreSQL pg_dump command line Without Password

For PostgreSQL database backup, one of the methods described in the official manual is ldquo and SQLDumprdquo. (another method is to directly back up the files in the file system. For PostgreSQL database backup, one of the methods described in the

PostgreSQL Hardware Performance Tuning

PostgreSQL Hardware Performance Tuning Translated from the article "PostgreSQL Hardware performance Tuning" PostgreSQL is an object-relational database developed by developers all over the world on the Internet. She is an open source

PostgreSQL backup and recovery-SQL dump

Have you ever accidentally deleted a database table or damaged the disk where the database is stored? If you encounter this situation, I believe you will feel very frustrated, because the results of your hard work for a few weeks may be overwhelmed.

MySQL database engine, transaction isolation level, lock

MySQL database engine, transaction isolation level, lock What is the difference between the database engine InnoDB and MyISAM The general difference is that the MyISAM type does not support advanced processing such as transaction

Configure apacheHIVE metadata DB as PostgreSQL

Source: amutu. comblog201306hive-metastore-db-postgresqlHIVE metadata uses derby as the storage DB by default, derby as the lightweight DB, it is more convenient to use in the development and testing process, but in the actual production environment,

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