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IIS Log Analysis tool (dot IIS log Analyzer) use a graphics tutorial

The server has recently suffered hacker intrusion. Intruders are skilled, delete IIS log files to erase traces, you can go to the Event Viewer to look at the warning message from W3SVC, often find some clues. Of course, for Web servers with very large access, it is almost impossible to rely on manual analysis-there's too much data! A Third-party log analysis tool can be used to describe only one of the IIS

Exploring IIS Log File analyzer ReadLogs (1)

This document explains how to use log analyzer (readlogs.exe) to diagnose Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) problems. This article also discusses some general debugging concepts and explains what to look for when reviewing ReadLogs output.Log File analyzer agrees to use the external monitor together to help us identify the causes of IIS conflicts or oth

Log on to the remote SQL2005 port 1434 using Query Analyzer and SQLCMD separately

format is: SQLCMD -u user name-p password-S IP address If the port number is omitted, the default connection is 1433 port It has a slightly different connection method and Query Analyzer, assuming that the password for the SQL2005 server SA on is SA, The port is 1434 We can connect like this sqlcmd-u sa-p sa-s,1434 If you connect port 1433, you can omit the port: sqlcmd-u sa-p sa-s (also note that-u,-p,-s

Autumn-style website log analyzer [IISLogViewer] V3 released

It has been a long time since the previous version. When V1.0 is used, it is called CYQ. IISLogViewer. During V2.0, a Chinese name is given, which is: Website log analyzer V2.0 After upgrading to 3.0, I changed the name:Autumn-style website log analyzer V3.0 Key points of this version upgrade:1: Overall upgrade to av

How to Use the SARG log analyzer on CentOS to analyze Squid logs

How to Use the SARG log analyzer on CentOS to analyze Squid logs In the previous tutorial, we showed you how to use Squid to configure transparent proxy on CentOS. Squid provides many useful features, but it is not straightforward to analyze an original Squid log file. For example, how do you analyze the timestamp and number in the following Squid

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (5)

: There are various types of xlog records (for example, Heap,btree,clog,storage,gin, and Standby records, just to name a few).Xlog Records Backward links. This way, each entry points to the previous entry in the file. In this way, we can fully believe that we have found the end of the record as long as we want to point to the pointer to the previous entry.make XLOG with certaintyAs you can see, a change could trigger many xlog entries. This is true for all kinds of statements, such as a large DE

Oracle Log Analyzer Tool Logminer use

Oracle Log Analyzer Tool Logminer use 1. Set Date format Alter system set nls_date_format= ' Yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss ' scope=spfile; Select To_char (sysdate, ' Yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss ') from dual; 2. Add Supplemental Log If the database needs to use Logminer, it should be added, only after this log is added to captur

Query Analyzer log on to a remote SQL Server with a non-default port

server| Query Analysis These days in the web development, often need to connect SQL Server, but SQL Server is the server on the Internet, the service provider gave a sqlconnectionstring, However, in the connection string found that the SQL Server does not use the default 1433 port, so I would like to Query Analyzer should not log on, the results verified that my idea is right. In this case, you can only wri

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (1)

In the previous chapters, we have understood the various replication concepts. This is not just a theoretical overview of the things that will enhance your consciousness for the next thing to be introduced, but will also introduce you to a broad topic.In this chapter, we will be closer to the actual solution and understand how PostgreSQL works internally and what replication means. We'll see what the so-called transaction

Rsyslog+analyzer+mysql Implementing Log Collection Display

+mysql+loganalyzer implement log Display collection?1. Get ready for MySQLYum-y Install Mysql-server2. Configure Rsyslog(1) Install Rsyslog-mysql//rsyslog connected to MySQL module650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 8lts6@2@@ ' V~v_kwcu3i]jc.png "alt=" Wkiol1cgbl6bwlalaaadvikc4oc477.png "/>(2) rsyslog.conf # # #MODULE # # #段中:$ModLoad Ommysql# # #RULE # # #段中Facility:priority:omm

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (4)

setting up checkpoint_segments, one thing must be remembered in your mind: In the event of a crash, PostgreSQL must replay all changes since the last checkpoint. If the distance between the two checkpoints is very large, you may notice that your failed DB instance takes a long time to start again. For usability, this situation should be avoided.[After a crash, there is always a tradeoff between performance and recovery time; You must balance your con

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (2)

Label:2.2 Xlog and ReplicationIn this chapter, you have learned that the transaction log for PostgreSQL has made all changes to the database. The transaction log itself is packaged as an easy-to-use 16MB segment.The idea of using this change set to replicate data is not farfetched. In fact, this is a logical step in the development of each relational (or even non

SQL Server Query Analyzer creates a query log

Label:Use [master]GO/****** Object:audit [Serverauditdb] Script date:2016-04-28 16:02:58 ******/CREATE SERVER AUDIT [Serverauditdb]To FILE(FILEPATH = N ' E:\ServerAuditDB\ ', MAXSIZE = 0 MB, max_rollover_files = 2147483647, Reserve_disk_space = OFF)With(Queue_delay = 1000, on_failure = CONTINUE, Audit_guid = ' 66830c88-99fd-442a-8df2-2f292e25bc5b ')ALTER SERVER AUDIT [Serverauditdb] with (state = ON)GODeng Xiaoping Tomato 16:04:02Small eggplantUse [Ceshi]GOCREATE DATABASE AUDIT specification [Da

How PostgreSQL maintains the Wal Log/archive log

Wal-Log IntroductionThe Wal full name is the write ahead log, which is the online redo log in PostgreSQL, to ensure data consistency and transactional integrity in the database. And the technology introduced in PostgreSQL 7. Its central idea is "write the

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (3)

Label:2.3 Understanding consistency and data lossIt is not possible to mine PostgreSQL transaction logs without regard to consistency. In the first part of this chapter, we have largely explained the basic idea of the transaction log. You already know that the ability to make data in a good shape without prior log changes is difficult or even impossible. So far,

Postgresql Log Collection

Tags: none common CTO track relative path trunc pre log configuration posWhen the PG installation is complete, the log is not logged by default and the corresponding (${pgdata}/postgresql.conf) configuration must be modified to only describe the common log configuration. 1.logging_collector = ON/off----If the log is re

PostgreSQL log classification and management

PostgreSQL log classification and management PostgreSQL has three types of logs: pg_log (database operation log), pg_xlog (WAL log, that is, redo log), and pg_clog (transaction commit log

Configure log output in csv format in postgresql database

The following describes how to configure csv log output in postgresql database (a more detailed log output method in postgresql. 1. Go to the $ PGDATA directory (postgresql installation directory, which varies according to the actual name) and find the configuration file

PostgreSQL Log Collection

configuration su ' /opt/pg9.6/bin/pg_ctl-d/mnt/pgdata Reload ' 2.log_directory = ' pg_log ' ----log file directory, default is ${pgdata} relative path, that is ${pgdata}/pg_log, can also be changed to absolute path The default is ${pgdata}/pg_log, which is the cluster directory, but the log files can be very numerous and it is recommended that you redirect the logs to a different directory or partition. T

Check the PostgreSQL database installation under Linux system, log in database and simple view database

Label:1. Check whether the Linux system installs the database First see if your system has the PostgreSQL database command installed as follows: Rpm-qa | grep PostgreSQL If the query results are not displayed (as shown), the PostgreSQL database is not installed 2. Log in to the database Enter the command su postgres a

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