postgresql monitoring tools open source

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Open Source PostgreSQL monitoring tool OPM

Tag:httpioos use data on clog code A good news: in September, the PostgreSQL OPM development team released the first release version of the open source PostgreSQL database Monitoring Suite, OPM v2.3.PostgreSQL is an advanced adv

PostgreSQL open-source monitoring tool-Detailed installation and test of pgwatch

Detailed installation and testing of pgwatch An error occurred during installation, but no documentation was found online. I decided to write a detailed installation document myself. 1. Download pgwatch. Here I use Version 1.0, as shown below: Wget 2. decompress and open the README file to check the installation requirements. The installation here is not described in detail. Tar-zxvf pgwatch-1

Top 6 open-source system monitoring tools

If you are unfamiliar with the six open-source system monitoring tools, you are advised to refer to the relevant technical documents.1. Nagiox-network monitoring software Nagios is well-known and undoubtedly the best system monitoring

Seven killer open-source monitoring tools

Seven killer open-source monitoring tools Do you want to have a clearer understanding of your network? There are no more useful tools than these free tools. Network and system monitoring

7 Killer Open-source monitoring tools

Guide Linux has very powerful capabilities in network and system monitoring, and offers a range of solutions that track the performance of these systems and devices and provide trending performance analysis. When some problems occur, you can call the police. While some tools can trigger some actions in the alarm, here, organized and collected some open

Introduction to open-source monitoring tools

software is a powerful drawing engine, and many languages can call rrdtool for drawing. (Round robin database ): Official Address: Some database tools created by Tobi Oetiker. He is also designed to process time series data such as bandwidth, temperature, CPU load, etc. This data is stored in some column databases, so the system storage footprint is sufficient to continue Advantages: 1. rrdtool is a data recorder with e

Tsar Open Source: Taobao's extensive use of system monitoring tools

Tsar is a collection of information on the server system and application of the collection reporting tools, such as the collection of server System information (CPU,MEM, etc.), as well as application data (Nginx, Swift, etc.), the collected data stored on the server disk, can always query historical information, Data can also be sent to the Nagios alarm. Tsar can be more convenient to add modules, only need to follow the requirements of Tsar to write

Comparison of open-source tools for generating QR codes (with source code), comparison of open-source tools with source code

Comparison of open-source tools for generating QR codes (with source code), comparison of open-source tools with source code One day, zxing

55 open-source data visualization tools and 55 open-source tools

55 open-source data visualization tools and 55 open-source tools To do a good job, you must first sharpen the tool. This article briefly introduces 55 popular open-

PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring Tools

] psutil-3.2.2]# python installInstalling PSYCOPG2[Email protected] soft_bak]# tar zxvf psycopg2-2.6.1.tar.gz[Email protected] pgmonitor]# CD psycopg2-2.6.1[Root[email protected] psycopg2-2.6.1]# python build_ext--pg-config/usr/local/pg945/bin/pg_config Build[[email protected] psycopg2-2.6.1]# python build_ext--pg-config/usr/local/pg945/bin/pg_config InstallInstalling Setuptools[Email protected] soft_bak]# tar zxvf setuptools-19.2.tar.gz[Email protected] setuptools-19.

O & M monitoring serialization: full solution to nagios, an open-source monitoring tool

Article Title: O M monitoring serialization: A Powerful open-source monitoring tool nagios. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

Open Source Tools TestDisk Data Recovery method _ Open Source Tools

Open Source Tool TestDisk Data recovery method Because of the operation error, in the installation of Fedora accidentally format the entire hard drive, resulting in all data loss (later access to relevant information, but the head data loss, sector data is still in), reluctantly installed Fedora, found several data recovery software, Finally, make sure to use open

Install the open source database PostgreSQL 9.4 and phpPgAdmin on Ubuntu

Install the open source database PostgreSQL 9.4 and phpPgAdmin on UbuntuIntroduction PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source, and Object-based relational database system. It supports all mainstream operating systems, including Linux

? POSTGRES-XL: PostgreSQL-based open source extensible DB cluster

difficulties are in place, of course, is standing in the perspective of traditional enterprises, do not represent bat and other Internet companies on the high angle. again, go back and talk about PostgreSQL instead of O. There are also companies that specialize in using and expanding PostgreSQL to provide alternative Oracle solution services, such as: Enterprisedb: " Enterprisedb is the leading wor

Postgres-XL: PostgreSQL-based open-source scalable Database Cluster,

Postgres-XL: PostgreSQL-based open-source scalable Database Cluster,Postgres-XL: PostgreSQL-based open-source scalable Database ClusterIn the past year, IOE has become more and more popular in the industry. Many traditional enterp

"Go" MySQL and PostgreSQL: which open source database should I choose? Which one is better?

Reprint Address: Http:// you plan to choose a free, open source database for your project, you may be hesitant between MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL and PostgreSQL are free, open source

Open source Job scheduling tool to realize open-source datax, Sqoop, Kettle and other ETL tools job batch Automation scheduling

1, Ali Open source software: datax Datax is a heterogeneous data source offline Synchronization tool that is dedicated to achieving stable and efficient data synchronization between heterogeneous data sources including relational databases (MySQL, Oracle, etc.), HDFS, Hive, ODPS, HBase, FTP, and more. (Excerpt from Wikipedia) 2. Apache

Enterprise-class open source monitoring software Zabbix

The most rapid of an open source software has a certain understanding and understanding, the best way is crossing network introduction.------Shangwei SuperFirst question: What is Zabbix?A:Zabbix is an enterprise-class software designed for monitoring the performance limits of availability and IT infrastructure components, Zabbix is

Common Classic Open source software Automation Development Test framework/Tools (2015) _ Open source software

Reprint please indicate the source, the original address: (1) STAF (softwaretesting Automation framework) is an open source, cross-platform, multilingual, and reusable component built from IBM to build an automated test framework that can handle calls, resource management,

zabbix-Enterprise-Class open source solution that provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities based on a web interface (Z?bix) is an enterprise-class open source solution that provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities based on a web interface.Zabbix can monitor various network parameters, ensure the safe operation of the server system, and provide a flexible notification mech

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