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How to install, configure, and use PostgreSQL

How to install, configure, and use PostgreSQL I. Introduction to PostgreSQL 1. What is PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL database is currently the most powerful open-source database and supports a wide range of data types (such as JSON, JSONB, and array types)

postgresql-Installation 9.2

First, the environmentVM Virtual MachinesName="Ubuntu"VERSION="12.04.4 LTS, precise pangolin" Second, the process1. Install make and do not load now.Install Make Make--3.81 2006 for for I686-pc-linux-gnu2. Get the source codeBut now there is

The third chapter of PostgreSQL Replication Understanding Instant Recovery (4)

3.4 Replay Transaction logOnce we have created an initial base backup of our own, we can collect the Xlog created by the database. When the time comes, we can use all these xlog files and perform the recovery process we expect. This works as

Which database is better than MySQL compared to PostgreSQL?

If you're going to choose a free, open source database for your project, you may be hesitant between MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL and PostgreSQL are free, open source, powerful, and feature-rich databases. Your main question may be: which is the best

Use PostgreSQL database for PHP Development

Document directory Use PostgreSQL database for PHP Development Use PostgreSQL database for PHP Development Author:Heiyeshuwu   Use PostgreSQL database for PHP Development Note: The following content is more about how to install the environment.

PostgreSQL backup and recovery-SQL dump

Have you ever accidentally deleted a database table or damaged the disk where the database is stored? If you encounter this situation, I believe you will feel very frustrated, because the results of your hard work for a few weeks may be overwhelmed.

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (4)

2.4 Adjusting checkpoints and xlogSo far, this chapter has provided insight into how PostgreSQL writes data, in general, what Xlog is used for. Given this knowledge, we can now continue and learn what we can do to make our databases work more

PostgreSQL tutorial (6): Functions and operators (2), postgresql Operators

PostgreSQL tutorial (6): Functions and operators (2), postgresql Operators 6. Pattern Matching: PostgreSQL provides three methods for implementing pattern matching: SQL LIKE operator, closer SIMILAR TO operator, and POSIX-style regular expression.1.

Possible useful knowledge in PostgreSQL development

The time can be added and reduced directly in PostgreSQL: Query System Current Time: Select Now ();OrSelect Current_timestamp; SELECT now ():: Timestamp + ' 1 year '; --Current time plus 1 yearsSELECT now ():: Timestamp + ' 1 month '; --Current

Use local indexes to improve PostgreSQL Performance

Use local indexes to improve PostgreSQL Performance You may not know that PostgreSQL supports partial indexing of table data? Its advantage is that it can accelerate the reading speed of the indexed data without additional overhead. the best way is

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