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PostgreSQL view database, index, table, table space Size sample code _postgresql

First, Introduction PostgreSQL provides a number of system management functions to view tables, indexes, table spaces, and the size of the database, described in detail below. second, the Database object dimension function The name of the function return type Describe Pg_column_size (Any) Int The number of bytes requi

Data export for PostgreSQL database

database backup and recovery)Copy the data using the Copy command:E:\>pg_dump-u Postgres Testdb1>testdb14.sql The data is copied using the INSERT statement:E:\>pg_dump-u Postgres--column-inserts Testdb1>testdb15.sql 4. Migrating the CPOST database structure on PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL database-Data Type summary

bytesDouble precision 15-bit decimal digit Precision 8 bytes3. Arbitrary precision TypeThe use of numeric in PostgreSQL means that a type of arbitrary precision is a numeric value, denoted by numeric (m,n), where m is called precision and represents the total number of digits; n is known as the scale, which is the number of digits representing decimals. For example: 563.129 with a precision of 9 and a scale of 3Note: The valid range of values for num

"Database" PostgreSQL and SQL Primary use (tpc-h data application)

tutorial, without encountering any problems. 2. In fact, this homework is very simple, but at the beginning I very blindly began to do homework, have not made clear the principle, encountered what attributes to convert what file and import into the database. Then the data were all erased, first understand tpc-h sql statements, with particular emphasis on the order in which statements are executed, beca

The deadline data cannot be imported into the postgresql database.

Deadline data cannot be imported into the postgresql database solution after statisticgathering is configured in deadline and saved to postgresql, slave and job information cannot be saved to postgresql during rendering tasks, and metadata. Wouldyouliketoadd is prompted when

PostgreSQL Backup Recovery database and bulk Import Export data to file method

To back up the database:pg_dump-h localhost-u root demo02 >/home/arno/dumps/demo02.bakTo recover a database:psql-h localhost-u root-d Demo Backup table:pg_dump-h localhost-u root demo02-t books >/home/arno/dumps/books.bakRecovery table:psql-h localhost-u root-d demo-t Books Psql Copy to/from usage:1. Need to log in to the database using Postgres Super User psql-u postgres-d demo022. Saved/Read folders need to give Postgres user permission to read and

PostgreSQL-based scalable, open-source Big Data cluster database: POSTGRES-XL

PostgreSQL-based scalable, open-source Big Data cluster database: POSTGRES-XL's-XL is a scale-out open source SQL database cluster based on the PostgreSQL database, with sufficient flexibility to

Processing of duplicate data in PostgreSQL database

Label:When we use the PostgreSQL database, if a table is not constrained, it is likely that there will be several identical pieces of data, that is, duplicate data. As shown in the following:So what if we were to delete 2 of them? The first is that we can clear the contents of the table, and then insert the content int

PostgreSQL Advantage, MySQL database itself is not very rich, trigger and stored process support is weak, Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are based on PostgreSQL developed

PostgreSQL Advantage2016-10-20 21:36 686 People read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:MySQL Database (5)PostgreSQL is a free object-relational database server (database management system), which is very powerful. Includes support for the world's richest

Extracting data from JSONB columns in a PostgreSQL database

SELECTT.* fromPerson, Jsonb_to_record (info) asT (numtext, nametext, scoretext);SELECTT.errmsg,sms_records.* fromSms_records, Jsonb_to_record (Result_json) asT (errmsgtextSidtext)SelectTb_result.errmsg,* from(SelectT1.*, T2.account_type,t2.account_name, T3.report_status,t3.errmsg,t3.user_receive_time,t3.description fromsms_records T1 Left JoinAccounts T2 Left Joinsms_status T3 onT1.sid=T3.SID) T, Jsonb_to_record (Result_json) asTb_result (errmsgtextSidte

Postgresql database, how to backup data and import to another database

There are many ways to do this, and the method used here is more secure. Then there will be time to add another method.The method is divided into three steps: Backing up data, creating a new table structure, importing dataBackup data: >>\copy table_name to '/home/bak/table_name.sql ';Create a new table structure: Copy the SQL statements from the original table structure, delete unnecessary and inappropriate

Research on fast Insert mass data of PostgreSQL 9.5.4 database

, indexing is 35% faster than indexing first When logging is not logged, indexing is slightly faster than indexing first, but not very different The fastest combination of insert data is:unlogged table + multithreaded Batch insert+ post-build index Guess:During the insert process, the time it takes to maintain the index is 35% to 40% of the total time, and it is mainly spent on log persistence. Other:At the same time, some other indicators i

Easy import and export of PostgreSQL database data

PostgreSQL database data simple import and export Blog categories: DataBase Postgres Command operation:Data export: Pg_dump-u postgres (user name) (-t table name) database name (default with username) > C:\fulldb.sqlImport of dat

Introduction to the JSONB data types in PostgreSQL _ database other

PostgreSQL 9.4 is loading a new feature called JSONB, a new type of data that can store JSON data that supports gin indexes. In other words, this feature, in the upcoming update, most importantly, if this is not important, then put Postgres in the file as the recommended location for the database system. Since 9.2, a

PostgreSQL Database Kernel Analysis Notes (this book is not very good to see, mainly is the data structure, concepts and process of text introduction)

Tags: database PostgreSQL memory Management Transaction IndexPostgreSQL Database Kernel analysisJump to: Navigation, search Directory 1 system overview 2 architecture 3 Storage management 4 index 5 query compilation 6 query execution 7 transaction processin

Using SQL implementation to import the specified table data into another database sample

--Construct SQL to import dataDECLARE @ExecSql varchar (max)Select @ExecSql = ' ALTER TABLE ' + @TargetDBName + ': ' + @TableName + ' Disable trigger all '+ char (+) + ' Delete from ' + @TargetDBName + ' ... ' + @TableNameIf @HasIdentityColumn = 1BeginSelect @ExecSql = @ExecSql + char (Ten) + ' set Identity_insert ' + @TargetDBName + ' ... ' + @TableName + ' on 'EndSelect @ExecSql = @ExecSql + char (TEN) + ' insert INTO ' + @TargetDBName + ': ' + @TableName + ' (' + @ColumnList + ') '+ char (+)

Sample of data collected and generated documents at various stages of the database application development cycle

Development Phase Sample captured data Example of the generated document Database Planning Objectives and objectives of database Engineering Task Description and database system Purpose System definition Description of the main user view (inc

Sample instructions for importing data to an Oracle database table using the SQLLDR command

the tableDevice_no,Btn_no,FlagData_time timestamp "Yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss"--format conversion with timestamp "Yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss" because the field type in the datasheet is a date type, not a literal type )2.Execute the SQLLDR command in cmd as follows Sqlldr Userid=manpowertest/[email protected] Control=c:\andon.ctl Log=c:\andon.logArchive 1:andon.txt Building number, device number, button code, switch status, trigger time a2-1,4,2,1,2014-10-29 15:14:13a2-1,30,2,0,2014-10-29 14:51:36a2-2,10

PHP excel sample code for downloading (retrieving data from a database)

PHP excel sample code for downloading (retrieving data from a database) /** * Generate an excel file in PHPEXCEL * @ Author: firmy * @ Desc supports generating excel files for any row and column data without adding cell styles and alignment. */ Header ("connect-type: text/html; charset = utf-8 "); $ Dsn = "mysql: hos

PostgreSQL database server listener settings and Client Connection Methods tutorial, postgresql Server

PostgreSQL database server listener settings and Client Connection Methods tutorial, postgresql Server As we all know, PostgreSQL is a free object-relational database server (Database Management System). It is an open-source

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