postgresql set client encoding to utf 8

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PostgreSQL Service Deployment

PostgreSQL is a very complex object-relational database management system (ORDBMS), and is currently the most powerful, feature richest and most complex free software database system.os:centos6.5 x64ip: Version:

PostgreSQL source code installation _ correct

The Linux release version is Ubuntu server 6.06, And the Ubuntu version is only 8.1. To be an early adopter, 8.2.0 has improved the compatibility based on the Windows platform to facilitate the conversion of the platform. At the same time, you can

"Reprint" Windows PostgreSQL installation diagram

Windows under PostgreSQL installation diagram This article is mainly for you to introduce the method of installing PostgreSQL database under Windows, you need a friend can refer to the following Now talk about the free database, most people think

Installation diagram of PostgreSQL in Windows

Now, when talking about free databases, most people may first think of MySQL. Indeed, MySQL has been applied in many domestic fields, especially in website setup. However, PostgreSQL is actually the most powerful, rich, and complex free database.

Windows PostgreSQL installation Diagram _postgresql

Now talk about the free database, most people think first of all may be MySQL, indeed MySQL has been used in many areas of the country, especially the site erection. But, in fact, the most powerful, most feature-rich and complex free database should

How to download and configure Postgresql databases in Windows

Note that the download is a binary version, not a Windows Installer. Http:// X86 download download

The method of downloading and configuring PostgreSQL database under Windows _postgresql

Note that the download is a binary sedan, not with Windows Installer. Http:// x86 download Http:// Download Http:

CentOS under source installation PostgreSQL 9.4

[email protected] ~]# Cd/home[[email protected] home]# lsPostgresql-9.4.1.tar Test[email protected] home]# tar XF postgresql-9.4.1.tar[email protected] home]# CD postgresql-9.4.1[[email protected] postgresql-9.4.1]# lsACLOCAL.M4 Config Configure

How to set the database Lc_collate, Lc_ctype, ENCODING, TEMPLATE

LabelPostgreSQL, create DATABASE, collate, CType, pg_encoding, Pg_encoding_to_char ()BackgroundPostgreSQL instances support the creation of multiple databases, when you create a database, you can specify a template library, and set different

PostgreSQL High Availability cluster installation

I. Hosts and topology structure of PG infosCLUSTER01_NODE01 structure sync asyncPrimary (CLS01_NODE01)--

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