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postgresql--String Functions

String Functions:The string functions in PostgreSQL are: Calculate string length functions, string merge functions, string substitution functions, string comparison functions, find specified string position functions, and so on.1. Functions to count

PostgreSQL compilation installation and commissioning (ii)

After the previous text PostgreSQL compilation installation and debugging (a), continue to talk about the installation and debugging PostgreSQL.The previous article explained how to compile and install PostgreSQL on a Linux system, and this time

Detailed explanation of the use of Full-text search in PostgreSQL _ database other

When developing Web applications, you often have to add search capabilities. I didn't even know what to search, so I drew a magnifying glass on the sketch. Search is a very important feature, so lucene based tools like Elasticsearch and SOLR become

Install and configure nginx + postgresql + php + memcached + apc in centos

To install nginx + postgresql + php + memcached + apc in centos, follow these steps: install the software package 01nginx1. 0.1302 03 wget 051_sql9. 1.206 07 wget

Using postgreSQL + bamboo to build a full-text search that is N times more convenient than lucene

Using postgreSQL + bamboo to build a full-text search that is N times more convenient than lucene, all the packages used include: Batch Use postgreSQL + bamboo build N times more convenient than lucene full text search all used to package: cmake-2.6.

The fourth chapter of PostgreSQL replication set up asynchronous replication (1)

After performing your first instant recovery (pitr,point-in-time-recovery), we are ready to work on a real replication setup. In this chapter, you will learn how to set up asynchronous replication and flow. Our goal is to ensure that you can achieve

PostgreSQL Tutorial (11): Server Configuration _postgresql

First, server process startup and shutdown: The following is the use of the PG_CTL command and the common options, and it should be noted that the command is a wrapper for the Postgres command, so it is more convenient to use than the direct use of

Basic introduction of Postgres Database

Recently, I have been working on a project related to PostgreSQL database, documenting the knowledge that I have learned in this process. About PostgreSQL database online already have too many relevant introduction, in order to blog the system or

Ubuntu Learning Summary (ii) Use of PostgreSQL, process view off, editor of God vim Introduction

It's been a long time since the last article was published. In the past six months, although the code is not much, but in contact with the computer some other knowledge, including the database, the network, the feeling can digest, write code level

PostgreSQL Regular Expression

When using regular expressions in PostgreSQL, you must use the keyword "~". To indicate that the content before the keyword needs to match the regular expression. If the matching rules do not need to be case sensitive, you can use the combination

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