postgresql with postgis

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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL + PostGIS

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL MysqlRelatively young, appearing for the first 1994 years. It claims to be the most popular open source database. MySQL is the M in the lamp (for web development packages, including Linux, Apache, and Perl/php/python). Most

PostgreSQL with PostGIS for mapping coordinates

For the based service, I try to use PostgreSQL with PostGIS.You can download PostGIS from here.Http:// is recommended so need to download and compile yourself since there was many packages dependencies need to be Don E.Here is a

GIS on CentOS 7 's PostgreSQL & PostGIS

PostgreSQL & PostGIS Installation PostgreSQLAfter the Yum source is configured, the version with discoverable yum info postgresql PostgreSQL is 9.2.23, if you want to install the latest version, please refer to the following operation https:

Use of Postgresql+postgis

First, the geometry type in the PostGISPostGIS supports the "simple Features" type of all OGC specifications, and on this basis expands support for 3DZ, 3DM, and 4D coordinates.1. OGC WKB and WKT formatsThe OGC defines two formats for describing

Installation of PostgreSQL database and installation of PostGIS

Original: PostgreSQL[Plain]View PlainCopy sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.1 postgresql-contrib-9.1 Where postgresql-contrib-9.1 does not have to be installed, if you do not install

Install PostGIS in the source code of RedHat7

Install PostGIS in the source code of RedHat7 This article describes how to install and use PostGIS in RedHat7 environment.1. PostgreSQL1.1 install PostgreSQL in yum This is relatively simple and can be directly installed using yum. $ sudo yum

Install PostgreSQL + PostGIS with the source code in the Liunx Environment

Install postgreSQL + postGIS in the production environment The production environment is as follows: Operating System: CentOS release 5.5 (Final) Installation required: Postgresql address: PostgisAddress:

Ubuntu installs PostgreSQL and PostGIS

1. Installing PostgreSQL$sudo Apt-cache Search PostgreSQL//Find the latest PostgreSQL package$sudo Gem apt-get Install PostgreSQL package name//select Package name for installationInstalling PostGIS$sudo Apt-cache Search PostGIS//Find the latest


1 Server SetupUsing tomcat requires you to install Java first. Download the latest version of Java from the official Oracle website:Http:// the installation has finished Java, you need

CentOS installs Custom installation PostgreSQL and PostGIS extensions with Yum already phppgadmin

System Information;#head-1/etc/issueCentOS Release 6.5 (Final) Install the postgresql9.3 version;#rpm-IVH yum Install postgresql93 postgresql93-server

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