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Power BI for Office 365 (Seven) Power bi site

Report sharing is a key feature of power bi for Office 365, where the Power BI site provides a safe "home end" for these reports, as well as collaboration with anyone who wants to share------whether in the office or in the mobile environment. At the beginning of this article you will see how Anna is collaborating on t

New Features of SQL Server 2014 Bi (iii) power query and power map function Preview

Power query and power map are the new Excel-oriented functions released by Microsoft on the WPC recently. With these two features, self-help BI makes it easier for you to discover and process data and enrich the data visualization functions. The predecessor of Power query and power

SQL Server 2014 BI new features (iii) Power query and Power map feature preview

Power query and power map are new features for Excel in power Bi, which was released by Microsoft shortly before WPC. With these two features, self-service bi will make it easier for you to discover and process data and enrich the visualization of your data. The predecessor

Introduction to power BI for Office 365 (vi) power map

If it's the most powerful function in power bi, I think it's the strength Map. The power map was first mentioned in the new features of SQL Server 2014, formerly known as Geoflow. The power map makes it easy to turn address-based information into a very cool 3D-mode map, and it also allows you to observe data changes o

Power Bi Video Tutorials

Tags: Power BICourse Study Address: http://www.xuetuwuyou.com/course/194The course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.com Power-bi is a (BI) business intelligence software, Zhuhai ao Wei Software Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of software products, the full name is

Power BI for Office 365 (quad) Power View Part I

Power View is a tool that enables you to create dynamic, interactive reports, and supports a rich variety of chart types, and reports created in power view can be easily shared and used by users who view reports to interact with the Power View report. Starting with this one, Anna will make a dynamic report in power vie

Power BI for Office 365 (ii) Power Query

In the previous article we saw the power bi on the mobile side of the support, from this one to take off to introduce each functional component in power BI, this story is about how to get and organize the data in power query. In this series, we'll see how Anna, an analyst,

Power BI for Office 365 (iii) power Pivot

In power pivot, you can create data models from a variety of data sources based on your requirements, and you can refresh the data whenever you need to. In the previous article, Anna was ready to load the data into the power pivot. Power Pivot is one of the tools that creates and manages tabular data and relationships between tables in Excel. Anna, after loading

How to embed power bi in a web app

(This article also published in my public number "dotnet development experience Talk", welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: This is actually not an Operation wizard, it mainly discusses the embedded features of power bi. Power Bi is Microsoft's innovative (or "agile")

Power BI for Office 365 (v) Power View Part II

To continue the creation of the Power View report, Anna felt it was unrealistic to create a separate report for each large class, so she decided to design the report in a different way to meet the requirements of the end user wanting to see the data under the various large classes. So Anna created the third report, which will use the slicer feature, which is similar to a filter that can filter the elements in the report at the same time. In this repo

Power BI for Office 365 overview

With the increasing of data volume, it becomes more and more urgent to transform data into Assistant Decision support tool through self service business intelligence. In the past, it was often a matter for the IT staff to process the data, but Microsoft lowered the threshold by serving new features in power BI for Office 365. It's all based on tools that most people already know, including Excel and SharePo

Learn about Microsoft Power BI Series-TIPS (6) Connect with SQLite database

Tags: ref LIS resource Body SQL statement sqli target ALT imgLong time no research power BI, see goofy big God to get things, too ashamed. Today there is a small thing, data in SQLite, want to Daoteng to power BI desktop inside toss, the results found not directly support. So had to bite the bullet to go, or else Daote

. NET Platform Open Source project quick glance (+) Power bi artifact Dax Studio

Powerbi update frequently, has a little more than the rhythm, has been in the attention and learning, some basic operation is probably no problem, more important is to pay attention to the power query,m function, as well as the use of Dax, this is the core.Last month I looked at some of Dax's syntax and formulas and found it to look simple, but in fact it was very powerful, so I wanted to get a tool to try it like writing code.Of course it can be done

Power BI for Office 365 (eight) shared query

In power query, you can not only search online data, but also publish your own data to a line for other people to retrieve. Power query provides this built-in sharing capability through the Power BI site. In Excel, Anna opens the workbook she wants to share, which contains the 2009 Nasdaq data she previously downloaded

Power BI for Office 365 (i) Mobile end applications

This is part of the Power BI online data released by the official blog team at Microsoft's Business Intelligence website, full address: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/office365-sharepoint-online-enterprise-help/ Power-bi-getting-started-guide-ha104103589.aspx With power

Austrian Power-bi v11--Phoenix Nirvana, heavy hit

mobile phone side of the report, you can also achieve any drill through the report between the operation, but also can arbitrarily adjust the PC-side save scheme.Third, enhance the dynamic view analysis model function.1, front-end view: V11, directly in the front-end through the browser to set up the Data view;2, time column decomposition;3, the year-on-quarter, Cumulative, percentage, ranking.Iv. free version Optimization1, perfect the original V10 uf U8, Kingdee K3 free version of the program

Power BI Embedded, powerbiembedded

Power BI Embedded, powerbiembedded Create interactive reports that are always up-to-date and attractive Power BI Embedded allows you to create influential interactive data visualization for Application Data in Power BI Desktop w

Power-Bi assists kangdi in creating first-class hotel chains

agreement. The kangdi Bi project was officially launched on October 20, and the project kick-off meeting was held at the kangdi International Hotel on the morning of October 20. At the meeting, Yan bin, owner of the ouweifang project, gave an important overview of the project implementation blueprint, periodic plan, implementation risks, project team members, and personnel responsibilities, the project implementation goal is profoundly stated, "the

Olympus Power-bi Online Experience Platform

Granville Power-bi is easier than you think! Fully visualize the green development platform. Austrian-WeiPower-biOnline experience platform, you are welcome to experience, learn more product knowledge. Austrian power-bi for you to reach the last kilometer of informatization!Online experience URL:http://demo.powerbi.com

Awaited began to come out, Microsoft Power bi Simplified Chinese version of the official website is finally online, Chinese documents are also full.

A few months ago, the study of Microsoft Power BI technology, because there is no documents and materials, only in the English official website Blind Toss, but also published the relevant articles in English documents:, just last week to publish the article, the results of the Simplified Chinese version on the line. Haha, the heart has bitter ah, early know so fast, I will save a little time.1. Why the Simp

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