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How is the power surge on the WinXP hub Port resolved?

usually, the cause of the surge on the hub port is caused by the weak USB power supply. Why is there a surge on the hub port? How can this phenomenon be solved? The steps are as follows: One, the power surges on the

Solution of surge phenomenon on WinXP system hub port

The steps are as follows: One, the power surges on the hub. This is due to the lack of USB power supply, but what is the best way to solve it? Turn on System Properties-hardware-Device management-Universal Serial Bus Controller, in the following list of the previous several relatively long items right-click, click Properties, under the Advanced tab, check on th

。 What's going on with the surge on the hub port?

My notebook in the connection mouse and keyboard often appear unable to recognize the USB phenomenon, and then every time the problem is used in the Universal Serial Bus controller unloading load of the stupid method to solve, today suddenly appeared on the hub port on the problem of the surge--, so asked degrees Niang. The following is the degree of Niang out of the results.What's going on with the

USB hub starts from Power Supply

Mouse, keyboard, flash memory, mobile hard drive, USB Desk Lamp, fan, who has no more than seven or eight USB devices at home, are embarrassed to tell people that they have bought a computer at home. However, if there are so many devices and the computer port is not enough, power supply is a problem. Therefore, buy an active USB hub to free the external USB device from the USB port

Manjaro USB hub with power supply error-71

Problem descriptionThe USB hub is a green-linked 1-turn, 7-power, white model.In the lsusb display asBus 004 Device 023: ID 05e3:0616 Genesys Logic, Inc. hubBus 004 Device 022: ID 05e3:0612 Genesys Logic, Inc. HubAfter inserting the dmesg output[1855.415644] USB 4-1: New SuperSpeed USB device number using xhci_hcd[1855.439522] Hub 4-1:1.0:usb

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