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Use PowerShell to implement common network commands

PowerShell is a new feature specifically designed for system administrators in Windows Server 2008. PowerShell can be used to implement powerful functions under the command line. This article uses some examples to introduce how PowerShell implements

Powershell _ basic self-study course _ 1 _ first knowledge of powershell

Welcome to reprint this seriesArticleFor more information, see www.cnblogs.com/volcanol. Since Microsoft launched. net, Microsoft's Windows system has undergone great changes. First, it has changed the interface of the operating system, such as

Powershell_ 0 Basic Self-study course _1_ first Knowledge PowerShell

Welcome to reprint this series of articles; reprint please specify Source: Www.cnblogs.com/volcanolSince Microsoft launched. NET, Microsoft's Windows system has undergone a great change, first of all, the operating system interface changes, such as

Return to the pleasure of Dos operations and enter the PowerShell world

Overview Write down this article from attending a Tech. Ed course on Window PowerShell. Although I have been paying attention to it before, I have never personally experienced it. Windows PowerShell is a new command line shell and script language

Return to the pleasure of DOS operations and enter the powershell world

Overview Write down this articleArticleThis was due to attending a tech. Ed course on window powershell. Although I have been paying attention to it before, I have never personally experienced it. Windows powershell is a new command line shell and

12 functional posts of Windows powershell)

From: http://www.stcore.com/windows/2006-11/1164038495d114137.html Windows powershell 1.0 has been released. on Microsoft Windows vistablog, developers listed windowsPowershell provides 12 cool functions: Answer powershell: the original

12 Features of Windows PowerShell

Answer Powershell:powershell The original development code is Monad, originally intended to replace the command line tools in Windows, but later Microsoft said it was only a technical expansion. With PowerShell, the administrator can do anything

Basic knowledge of Windows powershell

Download: Windows powershell 2.0 for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Note:Windows Management Framework CoreProgramThe package providesItUpdated management functions of professionals. This package includes the following components:Windows powershell 2.0

Powerful Windows PowerShell and windowspowershell

Powerful Windows PowerShell and windowspowershell PowerShell is a very powerful Shell, MacOS has AppleScript, Windows is the entire PowerShell, so let's not talk about it much, write a few simple examples Enter PowerShell in the command line to

Preliminary discussion on--windows PowerShell

Preliminary discussion on--windows PowerShellBasic operations for directories and filesYou can browse directories, create, move, delete directories, and files from the system with some commands. The operation of directories and files is based on the

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