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Database management--powershell--using Powershell scripts to find files that consume the most disk space

Label:Original: Database management--powershell--use Powershell scripts to find files that consume the most disk spaceOriginal translation from:http://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/2774/ Powershell-script-to-find-files-that-are-consuming-the-most-disk-space/?utm_source=dailynewsletterutm_ medium=emailutm_content=headl

PowerShell Ise Automation Simple Example _powershell

PowerShell ise automation is not dependent on any third party framework and tools, because the PowerShell ise itself is programmable. Very tall is called PowerShell abstract syntax tree, in fact, in the previous article has a simple share. The key point is the $psise variable. Let's look at two more simple

Windows Powershell Automation Variable _powershell

Powershell Automation variables are variables that are automatically loaded once the Powershell is opened. These variables are generally stored in content including User information: For example, user's root directory $homeConfiguration information: For example, PowerShell console size, color, background, and so on.R

Windows PowerShell scripts related to VDI

When Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 were officially released, Microsoft also provided the new PowerShell version. At least half of the scripts can help the VDI administrator process daily or routine management tasks. You can use Windows PowerShell scripts through the huge Hyper-V cmdlet library in Windows 8.1 a

Azure Automation: Connect to Azure using PowerShell credential

Recently launched in the Chinese version of Windows Azure, with automation, you can import your own PowerShell scripts and then set up a run schedule so that the scripts can run as planned.In this article, we'll learn how to use PowerShell credential to connect to a Azue su

Run PowerShell scripts to simplify Windows virtualization tasks

The new version of PowerShell comes with Windows Server 2012 R2. Now, the only way to use PowerShell 4.0 is to get and use Windows Management Framework 4.0. PowerShell can be used to maximize the help and usage of Windows virtualization tasks. Now I have a database on the Internet for this topic. The most popular is a five-part series of articles from the TechNet

Powershell AWS Automation Management (10)-Create a highly available WordPress blog (top)

It took 2 weeks for the beans to learn some of the core commands of AWS PowerShell intermittently, and then took 2 days to assemble the knowledge points together. Currently, in addition to the official documentation of the Quick Manuals and command Daquan basically there is not much PowerShell to manage the content of AWS, most of the command beans is a search and view help hard to try out, the following sh

SharePoint in conjunction with PowerShell establishes into separation automation (iv)

")[System.reflection.assembly]::loadwithpartialname ("Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles")$contextWeb = New-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite ("http://sharepoint:41843")$ServerContext = [Microsoft.office.server.servercontext]::getcontext ($CONTEXTWEB)$UserProfileManager = New-object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager ($ServerContext)$Profiles = $UserProfileManager. GetEnumerator ()#建立Ex \lync Implicit session$ExSession = New-pssession-configurationname Microsoft.exchange-

SharePoint site test data Automation series--upload files to SharePoint library using PowerShell.

Daily SharePoint site testing, we often have to do a variety of data, and today wrote a few scripts, found themselves writing more and more scripts, so I decided to tidy up, and some of the commonly used reusable methods are published.Today, let's talk about how to upload files to a SharePoint library using PowerShell, with the following code:add- pssnapin Micros

PowerShell Introductory tutorial functions, scripts, Scope introduction _powershell

automatically and need to be explicitly invoked. You can use filter or function-defined functions, and the function defined by the filter keyword is simpler, and functions defined with the Function keyword can have more complex functionality. Examples of simple function definitions are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: function SayHello { "Hello" } The function call method is similar to using the Cmdlet method, input

Manually merging the new rational functional tester scripts into an existing automation suite

tool. You must have each script run as expected, and you do not need to change the existing folder structure of the Automation suite. But what if you need a more folder structure? This article will help you understand and overcome the problems you may encounter when you manually merge or adjust your Automation folders. We will explain the use of these techniques through the actual

How can I use PowerShell or VBScript scripts in Hyper-V?

To effectively manage the virtualization platform, you need powerful script tools. This allows several levels of configuration and shortens the configuration time. Microsoft hypervisor's script options include using VBScript and enhanced PowerShell In the Hyper-V script environment. In this article, TechTarget China's special virtualization expert Rick Vanover will introduce how Hyper-V script works, and give several

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