powershell count objects in array

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Different command lines-Windows powershell Introduction

Introduction I have always envied Linux Command Prompt (of course, they are called shell ). The combination of regular expressions, pipelines, and various magical commands can efficiently complete many complex tasks. High efficiency. After more

What is Windows PowerShell? After reading this article, you will understand it.

This article mainly describes what Windows PowerShell is? What is Windows PowerShell? What are the features of Windows PowerShell? What is Windows PowerShell for? After reading this article you will understand it, the need for friends can refer to

Not the same command line – Windows PowerShell Introduction (reprint)

Reproduced from http://www.cnblogs.com/grapeot/archive/2010/02/22/1670822.html, thank Bo Master.IntroductionAlways admired the Linux command prompt (of course they are called shell). Regular expressions, pipelines, and a variety of magical commands

What is Windows PowerShell? You'll understand it after reading this _powershell

Introduction Always envy the Linux command prompt (they are called shell, of course). Regular expressions, pipelines, and various magical commands combine to perform many complex tasks efficiently. Efficiency is really high. Flow of n years after

Powershell sort Array

Note: This is part two of a multiple blog series about working with arrays and hash tables for data storage. In yesterday's Hey, scripting guy! Blog,Learn simple ways to handle windows powershell Arrays,I discussed creating arrays, indexing into

Sort of list display in PowerShell-reverse order

Order Your Output by easily sorting Objects in PowerShell★ ★ ★★ ★ ★★ ★ ★★★ ★January, by the Scripting Guys //9 Comments 0 0 0 Summary:much of the time, there is no guarantee to the order in which Windows PowerShell

Windows Powershell command returns an array _powershell

When we save the execution result of a command to a variable, we might think that the variable is stored in plain text.However, in fact PowerShell will save the text as an element in each row as an array. If the return value of a command has more

Windows PowerShell Analysis and comparison pipeline results _powershell

Use Measure-object and Compare-object to count and contrast pipe results. Measure-object allows you to specify the properties of the object to be counted. Compare-object can compare snapshots before and after an object. Statistics and calculations

PowerShell String Object Method Summary _powershell

From the previous chapters, we know that PowerShell stores everything in objects, and that these objects contain a series of instructions called methods. The default text is stored in a string object, which contains a number of very useful commands

PowerShell Learning Notes

Array in fact in any language is a relatively headache learning object, in learning PowerShell free time, do the following simple finishing: 1. In the PowerShell, as long as the different objects with commas "," connected, you can construct the

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